Drinking Games for Your Hen Party

Hilarious Hen Party Drinking GamesWhether you’re prinking at home with a mobile hen party experience or sitting in a bar, a hen night isn’t complete without playing some fun drinking games. This is just a quick list of some of favourite alcoholic activities to keep you and the girls entertained on your hen night.

First up is “most likely”. Everyone sits in a circle and asks a “most likely” question, such as “who’s the most likely to use someone else’s toothbrush” or “who’s most likely to date someone who all her friends hate” or anything else you can imagine. Everyone points to they think it would be and you have to take a drink for everyone who points at you. So if seven people think you’d use their toothbrush you have to take seven drinks.

Next is "banned words". This game goes on throughout the night. Select a group of words that’ll be said often, like ‘hen’, ‘bride’, ‘wedding’ and so on.  Whenever someone slips up and utters the forbidden word it’s a drink for them.

“Clink and drink” is similar to “never have I ever” and a great game for getting people acquainted on a hen party. Everyone gathers in a circle with a full glass of champagne in their hands. Everyone takes turns putting people into groups. For example, you’d say “clink and drink if you went to school with the bride”. Everyone who did steps into the circle, clinks their glasses and drinks.

“Truth or lie” has everyone take turns to say one truth and one lie about themselves. The others must guess which statement was the truth and which was the lie. If they get it right the person who said the facts has to drink. If they get it wrong she gets to choose someone else to drink.

“Drunk Pictionary” is just what it sounds like. Players take turns being an artist and a timer. The timer whispers what the artist has to draw and starts the clock. The rest of the players then have to guess what the drawing is. When someone guesses right the timer checks how much time has passed. For every 20 seconds passed the artist has to take a drink. For example, if it took 1 minute and 40 seconds to guess then everyone takes 5 gulps of their drink. If no one could guess what it was then the artist has to take a shot.

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