Toilet Paper Wedding Dress Game

Toilet Paper Wedding Dress Game

Make the hen weekend one to remember with some fun hen party games.

A hen night is the only opportunity you will really get to have a go at playing the toilet paper wedding dress game. When else would you need to practise creating your perfect wedding dress? If you and the girls want to have some fun during the hen weekend before you head out or if you’ve got a hen party at home. This toilet paper wedding dress game will be perfect for you and the girls to have some fun with.

What You Will Need:

  • The Girls
  • Toilet Paper
  • Stopwatch or Phone Timer
  • Sellotape
  • Hen Party Veils
  • Bouquets

How to Play the Toilet Paper Wedding Dress Game:

1. Split the hen party into teams of around 4-5 people

2. The bride-to-be will sit out of the game as she is the judge

3. Nominate a team member to be the bride for the dress

4. Give each team the equipment

5. The bride who is judge will set a timer for 10 minutes

6. Each team has to work and create the best dress they can out of the equipment given

7. When time runs out each team has to sell their dress to the bride-to-be

8. The bride-to-be gives each dress a score out of 10

9. The winning team receives a prize

10. The losing team receives a forfeit

Extras to Remember When Playing the Toilet Paper Dress Game:

1. Always over buy when it comes to the toilet roll, the last thing you want is a group running out without finishing their train!

2. Make sure you have your prizes and forfeits prepared before you start playing so that everything runs smoothly

3. Add a hen party playlist into the mix to play whilst your designing and creating your dresses

4. If you are conscious about waiting toilet paper why not make sure you purchase biodegradable toilet paper?

5. Make sure you keep all the groups mixed so that it also acts as an icebreaker for everyone

6. You could add some tests at the end of the game to see how well made each dress is like walking down the aisle, trying to go the loo etc.

Hen Party Game - Loo Roll Bride's Dress

When Could You Play the Toilet Paper Dress Game?

The toilet paper wedding dress game can be played during your hen party at home. It’s a great addition if you and the girls are having a relaxed evening with hen party movies, food and drinks. There is no better time to play this hen game then now. Let’s be honest if you’ve had one too many drinks on the hen night out you may decide it would be a good idea to perform this fashion game in the club toilets. But overall this would be perfect for your home hen parties.

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