Drunk Pictionary

Drunk Pictionary Game

A hen do isn’t complete without some fun hen party games.

A fun yet tense game that involves your drink being the forfeit, ‘Drunk Pictionary’ is exactly what it says on the tin. It’s the classic drawing game you know and love but with a huge hen twist. We’ve put together a quick and easy to understand guide that overviews what the game is about as well as the rules and instructions to let you get on with it and create some amazing memories. Playing this Drunken Pictionary game might even produce some of your favourite moments on your entire hen weekend. Let’s start with the how to play…

How To Play ‘Drunk Pictionary’

In a nutshell, it pretty much follows the original concept of Pictionary but the worse you perform when you draw, the more you’re going to be consuming your alcoholic fluids. It can be suitable for small and large groups and all you’ll need is a quick hand as well as the stuff listed below.

What You’ll Need

  • Notepad & Pen
  • Pencil & A4 Paper
  • 1 Person to Draw
  • Creativity
  • A Timer

How to Play?

One hen must write down a word in a notepad that relates to a certain topic. The hen who is deciding the word must state the topic it is to the hens so they have a general idea on what the word will relate to. Take a look as the topic ideas below to get some inspiration.

  • A Type of Food
  • A TV Show
  • A Film
  • An Object
  • An Action
  • A Character
  • A Celebrity
  • An Animal
  • A Building
  • A Nationality

The hen must then pass this secretive word onto a nominated drawer before the timer begins. It is then the duty of the drawer to sketch the word as quickly as possible leaving the group to guess what it is. Every 10 seconds, every guesser taking part must sip their drink and keep going until they’ve guessed correctly.

The hen who is drawing cannot say anything or give any clues away, only express what the word is through the form of art. They’ll certainly need a good visual imagination to get the message across, creativity and a quick hand. The worse you are at drawing, the harder its probably going to be which all adds to the fun.

If nobody has guessed after a minute, everyone must either down their drink or go and buy a deadly shot from the bar. The word must be revealed before another hen takes over the responsibility of writing down a word. The drawer must also change hands as changing roles keeps things fair and get everyone involved with each role.

The longer you take to guess, the more you’re going to get messy so good luck ladies! You could also play the bra pong game during the celebrations!

Hen Party Game - Drunk Pictionary

When Could You Play the Drunk Pictionary Game?

Obviously, there’s a time and place to play certain games, but luckily this one you can play anywhere. One thing we will say is do it somewhere where the ambient volume is suitable. By this, we mean somewhere where the background noise is loud, but not too loud. A bar that’s dead will probably get sick of hearing a large group of women screaming out names over and over as they guess the drawing whereas in a music-blasting nightclub, you might not hear anything anyone is saying as it’s quite a verbal game.

Another thing to consider is the lighting of a bar you’re at. Use your common sense, it’s a visual game and poor lighting won’t allow the guessers to see what the drawer is creating, no matter how awful it is anyway. Space isn’t an issue really, you just need to sit the girls down in a comfy corner of a room, preferably a booth that curves around so the drawing can be in the middle of a table for all to see. Of course though it doesn’t have to be played in a pub, bar or club, it could be a restaurant or even at home before you get ready to go out where there’s no limits at all. Make sure there’s loads of booze around, you’re going to need it!

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