The Bra Pong Game

The Bra Pong Game

Are you looking for as hilariously unique hen party game to play at the last night of freedom?

Stray away from the norm and try the ridiculous bra pong game on your hen do! This bra ping pong is new on the scene and offers simple, funny and boozy entertainment for the hen weekend. With just a bit of DIY effort and a whole load of old bras you and the girls can have hours of fun. This is perfect for a hen do at home or if you have any downtime between activities and the almighty hen night.

What Do You Need for Bra Pong?

  • DIY bra pong board (you can even use a decorated cardboard box!)
  • An assortment of different sized bras
  • Ping pong balls
  • Alcohol

How to Play Bra Ping Pong?

Firstly you’ll need to create the wooden board. As mentioned, this can be made of any scrap cardboard you have, or order a wooden board from places like Amazon. Decorate the board to match the hen do theme for brownie points.

Now comes the bra pong DIY - attach your bras to the board. We suggest placing the larger cup size at the bottom to earn less points, working your way up to the smaller cup size for the high scoring points. Write each point value next to each bra.

Print out the rules! For example, how many people on each team, how many throws each person has and who has to drink.

Split the hen group into teams and give each a set of ping pong balls. The balls must bounce off the floor once before (hopefully) landing in a bra.

The team that scores the most points are the winners. It’s up to you whether you want to drink for every miss, hit or if the losing team has to down their drinks at the end of each round.

Bra Pong Rules

The Bra Pong Game Rules


If you need any more ideas for the hen party, we’re happy to help! See some of our best hen party activities around the UK or give us a call and start planning the hen weekend.

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