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FREE Hen Party GamesYour hen party should be exciting and a great time from start to finish, so we’ve come up with a couple of hilarious hen party games to fill in the gaps and create a funny atmosphere on your hen party day or evening, as well as helping to get everyone involved and in high spirits. Below is a bit of information about the free list, as well as some tasters as to what the games are and how they work.

The list is jam packed full of short and sweet games that are bound to have your hen party group in fits of giggles. There are more classic games like ‘I’ve Never’ in which all of the hen party group must take it in turns to say something they’ve never done,  and if anyone in the group has done it they have to take a drink (or a shot if you’re feeling daring!) This classic game is simple and can be played for any length of time, making it perfect for a hen party who has a bit of spare time or wants a game while having a couple of drinks.

Then there are so wacky hen party game options for a bride to be wanting something unique and hilarious, like ‘Big Dangly Oranges’. This game will have everyone laughing so much they might not be able to take part, with the objective to win a race by hitting an orange with another orange hanging in tights around each girl’s waist. As ridiculous as it sounds, the list explains the game in more detail and it’s proven to be a favourite by many hen groups!

To grab your hen party games and join in the fun with your hen group, all you need to do is give us a like on the official Funktion Events Facebook page, and comment or post saying ‘I would like the Hen Party Games’ and that’s it! After that we will send over a long list of fantastic hen party games that will complete the whole day or evening and have everyone laughing and having a good time.

Haven’t decided on what to do for your hen party activity yet? Check out the activities we offer and let our events planners help you organise everything and call us on 0161 341 0052.

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