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Activity Details

  • Choice of workshop
  • Crafty kits delivered to everyone
  • Interactive workshop host
  • Festive options

What are Virtual Crafty Workshops?

A kit full of craft making materials based on the workshop you choose. Choose from ceramic mug painting, bunting making, flower crown making and more.  The kits include all the crafty materials you’ll need to make some creative creations.

The kits are delivered to each person’s individual address in time for the online event. Using video conferencing software, the engaging workshop leader will host the event and assist everyone in making a lovely memorable creation.

What’s Included

  • Interactive online crafty workshop
  • Choose your crafty kit
  • Durations vary between 1-2 hours
  • Friendly expert workshop leader to host the event
  • We deliver all the crafty kits directly to everyone’s door
  • The kits include everything needed to participate in the online workshop
  • You will just need to provide scissors and a few little extras (but we’ll notify you)
  • The workshop leader will keep it fun and take you through each step giving advice and demonstrating
  • Using the online conference platform Zoom anyone anywhere can take part in the class.

What Crafty Kits Are Available?

You can choose any of the virtual craft kits workshops below;

  • Bunting Making
  • Ceramic Painting
  • Fascinator Making
  • Flower Crown Making
  • Virtual Christmas Cracker Making
  • Winter Hoop Wreath

How Does it Work?

Once you have chosen the online workshop, we'll then need to know all the names and contact details for your guests. We'll then send them all the necessary information / crafty kits in advance ready for the live event.  All the kits will be prepared and ready for dispatch containing everything need aside sissors and the odd little thing. But we'll inform of anything.

Then login into the live event via Zoom and the friendly workshop leader will host your interactive workshop online, taking you through each step, giving advice and showing examples.

How Many Crafty Kits Will I Need?

We recommend one kit per person.  Each kits includes everything needed to take part in the virtual crafty activity.

What is included in the Crafty Kits?

The kits include all the materials needed to make the product.  It varies from kit to kit but covers all the essentials.

For some of the virtual craft workshop themes we might need you to provide some bits like scissors, water, or an iron.  But we will notify you in advance on what you need.

Can you Deliver the Crafty Kits Inter­nati­onally?

Yes we can.  There maybe an extra cost but we can confirm that when discussing with you.

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Rating 5.0
Andrew Edwards
6th May 2021
The event went really well thank you. The team agreed it was a nice calming afternoon together. Thank you for all your help with putting this together.