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Rating 4.9 of 5

Activity Details

  • Up to 8 games
  • Energetic event host
  • Friendly competition
  • Seasonal questions

What is The Virtual Social Event?

This event is an exact replica of your usual after-work social with everything moved online. Your team size will split down into smaller groups and go head to head in light-hearted games. Some challenges can include general knowledge while some are more physical! Our game gives everyone a chance to shine on different stages, regardless of age. It’s the event that will make your team laugh, talk, and bond!

What’s Included

  • Real fun quiz style event
  • Simple setup and icebreakers in the virtual lobby area for all
  • 1 hour duration
  • Up to 8 different games & challenges
  • Pub trivia, buzz in challenges, pictionary, fun fact matching
  • Live interactive event host
  • Scoreboards and game comments
  • Three themes to choose from - pub, festive & general
  • Customisation options available including business branded questions and logos in game

Watch the Virtual Social Video

How does The Virtual Social Experience run?

No fancy equipment or app required - No signup to accounts.

This event is fully online, with a live host and co-workers joining together through a game link. Each person will need a PC or laptop that they can speak through with a webcam and a stable WiFi connection.

Once your guests click the game link, they can chit-chat in the virtual lobby before the remote host splits your team into smaller groups of 4-5 people.

Then it'll time to start the best virtual social game, playing a variety of games, challenges, and head-to-head buzz-in rounds.  There will also be a live leaderboard to keep up the momentum and show the overall winner at the end of the Virtual Social.

Choose Your Virtual Social Event Theme!

There are a couple of different themes you can choose from to make your virtual social experience extra special. These themes will change the background, game theming and questions in the challenge.

Option 1 – General

The neutral theme is great for any time of year, and leaves room for you to put your personal/­company stamp on the activity. This includes a plain, neutral background with a variety of questions in varying categories.

Option 2 – Pub Quiz

Just like your classic quiz down at your local boozer, this theme includes a funny background with little drink icons and team captain hats. The questions vary, with some rounds focusing on team trivia.

Option 3 – Wintery & Festive

This option is great for a unique end of year party with your staff. You’ll find a snowy background, festively themed icons and questions relating to everyone’s favourite winter holiday.

Who Runs the Virtual Team Social?

Over the game link, an event host will be in charge of making sure the event runs smoothly, with a briefing and wrap-up session to keep the activity on track. In the game itself, one person from each team will be the Captain responsible for selecting and answering questions on behalf of their team. Team captains will change throughout the session so everyone has a chance!

What Do You Need to Play the Virtual Social Team Event?

All you need to play the Virtual Social is a PC with a webcam & headphones and a stable WiFi connection. You’ll access the game with one simple link, no download nor account creation required.

Please Note - mobile phones & iPads are not supported

What Games will we Play on The Virtual Social Quiz?

There a variety of games you could play...

Head to head buzz in games, face mash-up, emoji riddles, lip syncs, team pictionary arounds working together to draw pop art masterpieces.

Live leader boards with fun snaps to make the event memorable

What is the Duration of the Virtual Social? 

The Virtual Social lasts for 1 hour and is guaranteed to be packed full of fun and laughter!

What Many People Can Participate in the Virtual Social?

We run the session in groups of up to 30 people, each with their own host. However, we can run up to 7 groups of 30 at the same time.

The up to 30 people then would be split into smaller teams of 4-5 people competing head to head.


  • So for 150 people we will ask you to break the group up into 5 x groups of up to 30 people prior to the event.
  • We send you 5 x links to pass to the 5 x groups
  • Each group will get its own host and event link to login
  • Each group can communicate to each other in their group but not the other groups.
  • So every 30 people gets their own live host.

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Write a review

    Overall Experience
Rating 5.0
Russell Warman
9th July 2021
We did enjoy it, the feedback from the team was positive. Everything ran smoothly even given us trying to increase the number of participants at the last minute!
Rating 5.0
Liza Clarke
26th March 2021
It was a fantastic event thank you. Every really enjoyed it – we may look at doing something like this again in the future.
Rating 5.0
Keren Miller
18th December 2020
The team had a wonderful time. Marta was great fun. I will definitely recommend Funktion to the rest of the organisation.
Rating 5.0
Taryn Pienaar
17th December 2020
We really enjoyed the event with your company, was really well organised and will definitely keep in contact with you, for any future events.
Rating 5.0
Taryn Pienaar
17th December 2020
Thee gentlemen had a great time! Thank you for setting this up for us and will definitely be using you in the future!
Rating 5.0
Sarah Nolan
17th December 2020
The event was a great success and our host (Marta) was fun and engaging. The feedback from staff was really good also and it is definitely something we would consider again in the future. Thank you for your help in arranging this for us.
Rating 4.0
Laura Whitrow
17th December 2020
everyone enjoyed the quiz last week.
Rating 5.0
Jade Stutely
16th December 2020
The team seemed to have a great time and were all very positive about the event. We have done a number of virtual events in the past with other providers, and I have to say the process from start to finish was very straigh­tforward, particularly as you were so responsive to emails, and the online platform is easy to navigate - although I didn't really use it. I simply didn't need to do very much and not even having to speak to someone throughout the booking right up until attending the event had me apprehensive, but it certainly didn't impact anything. Everything ran smoothly so I will be looking out for alternative event ideas, and hopefully booking something again soon.
Rating 4.0
Nima Baniamer
16th December 2020
It was great and plenty of fun
Rating 5.0
Hayley Kench
15th December 2020
Both events went well and everyone enjoyed themselves