Stag Nights: How to Budget

If you’re honest with yourself, then you’ll admit that your financial skills are a little below par and that, in truth, you struggle to even keep control of your weekly shopping budget. So how do you make sure that you don’t run short of ready cash when you're out on a stag night?! Easy peasy. You follow the Funktion guide…

Stag Nights: Stay in the Black and OUT of the Red

Ok school’s in session: welcome to Budgeting 101. The trick is breaking it all down into manageable, digestible chunks that make sense. We should tell you now that there is no ‘average’ cost for a stag nightand even less so for individual stags; much depends on the inclination, energy and alcoholic capacity of the parti­cipants! Also, prices vary wildly from city to city so there is no real benchmark for how much you can expect to spend; or expect your mates to spend.

  1. Activity. You won’t be surprised when we tell you that this is the absolute easiest bit. We have got a huge range of activities to choose from at all different budget levels and each stag pays indi­vidu­ally. Deposit just £40 to secure your place, which will give you time to save up the rest. ‘The rest’ won’t break the back either; our activities and packages are the best value for money you’ll find, with no sacrifice to quality, and are available at many locations.

  2. Location. If you’ve got mates far and wide, then it might be best to find somewhere central so people don't pay hugely different travel costs. If you're all in the same city it could be a big money saver to party there but in a brand new spot you've never discovered before. Stay in the UK: otherwise you spend half your time flying/in airports and half of that time hungover. Not good.

  3. Drinks. It’s traditional to have a kitty. This shouldn’t be too large as everyone drinks different amounts; if you’re Social-Drinker Steve or Teetotal Tom you don't want to be contributing £50 to subsidise Boozer Ben’s bar bill. Once the kitty is empty, let people buy their own drinks.

  4. Debit/Credit Cards. Deadly. Don't take them out drinking with you. The best man should have his in case of emergencies but as for the rest of you, forget it.

  5. Presents. Not necessary on the stag night; they will just be a burden to carry around and might even get lost/­broken/­stolen. There might be costumes or other accessories; the best man will often foot the bill for these but be prepared to pay your share towards them if you’re asked.

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