Mobile Life Drawing Stag Do

Stag Do Mobile Life Drawing
  • £31.00

Activity Details

  • female model
  • Includes a skilled tutor
  • Cottages, Apartments, Hotels
  • All drawing equipment provided

What to Expect from a Mobile Life Drawing Stag Do?

Get your pencils ready as you and the lads will get to learn how to draw a female life model from the comfort of your own home, hotel or apartment. We can arrange to bring your mobile life drawing stag do straight to your door, including all the equipment and art supplies you’ll need on the day. With a tutor to guide the session and offer helpful tips & tricks, this is a unique, exciting and cheeky activity that everyone can enjoy.

What’s Included

  • We come to your venue
  • Receive tips and advice from your skilled tutor
  • Cheeky but classy activity that’s different to the rest
  • You’ll be introduced to your female model
  • She’ll de-robe and get into a pose
  • Draw a few poses and play some fun games
  • Tutor on hand to offer drawing assistant
  • All of our models are keen and experienced, so we’re sure they’ll give you plenty of inspiration
  • All the drawing equipment is provided
  • You get to keep your fine art work

How do I Set Up for a Mobile Life Drawing Stag Do?

On the day, everything you’ll need will be provided on the day. The only thing we will require is enough space at your accommodation to run the activity itself. The usual format is everyone participating sitting in a semi-circle with the model in the centre, so as long as you can provide enough space for your group and the model there shouldn’t be any issues.

Can you Host a Mobile Life Drawing Stag Do in the Garden?

We certainly can! Obviously, the weather in the UK is highly unpredictable so whilst we are happy to set up your activity in your private garden / outdoor area, it is advisable that you have a back-up area ready indoors just in case.

Will the Model go Fully on a Mobile Life Drawing Stag Do?

Yes, they do indeed! True to its name, you lads can expect to be drawing a female model after a quick introduction and going over the basics of the session.


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