Spy School Smartphone Challenge Stag Do

Spy School Smartphone Challenge Stag Do
  • £13.00

Activity Details

  • Spy themed challenges
  • Self run – start any time
  • Great value, latest technology
  • GPS and image recognition

A stag do plan is in action, and you’re looking for a hilarious day time experience that’s sure to take your groom to be by surprise – but what? Why not explore the city and bring out the MI5 in you with the spy school challenge stag do! This ridiculous hen do is a badass spin on your usual stag do treasure hunt, and presents your group with a bunch of games, quizzes and challenges around the city of your choice. Simply activate the account and solve the mysteries, we’ll do all the heavy lifting for you so you can focus on cracking the codes and beating the other teams.

What’s Included

  • Start any time – you decide on the day
  • Latest smartphone App technology
  • Creative spy themed challenges activated by GPS
  • A series of clues to discover who killed agent Jones!
  • Challenges include photo and video tasks designed to get members interacting
  • Uses image recognition.
  • Tasks and questions requiring an eye for detail as well as a magnificent memory.
  • Name your team & take selfies
  • Live scoreboard makes it competitive and fun

The spy school challenge stag do is the perfect way to celebrate getting hitched without any organising necessary and all on your terms, everything you need is on the little downloadable app. Whatever time you fancy, load up the app and get yourselves into teams for a bit of friendly competition between the lads. To kick things off, create a team name and collect your briefing – discover who killed agent Jones in your 2-hour session! With the task in hand, set out into the city in search of clues, keeping track of the live scoreboard as you go.

Throughout the epic spy school challenge stag do, you and your team will unlock challenges, questions and quizzes that will all lead you closer to the truth, just make sure you work together and beat the other teams to victory. All you need is an eye for sketchy details and a smartphone of some kind to enjoy this unique event, the rest is done for you before the stag weekend even begins. If you’re planning a mates stag party and you’re after something simple and effective for an experience to remember, it doesn’t get much better than this outside the box stag do treasure hunt.

*Please note that this is a self-managed and self-run activity meaning you choose the start time on the day.

Extra Details
Android and iOS smartphones (tablets can be used but only recommended devices)
Once booked we will send you an information document along with your unique QR Code. Then download the App over Wi-Fi (recommended) 
A fully charged smartphone will be required per team. Each smartphone will require a data plan to use maps and scoreboard features
Minimum software requirements - iOS v7. or above and Android v4.0. or above


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