Local Pub vs. City Bar Stag Doo

A Man is faced with many eternal dilemmas in this life. Sweet or savoury? Beard or no beard?

Now another dilemma looms over the horizon on the dawn of your stag do ideas and night out. Local pub or city bar? Tough call,Local Pub vs. City Bar right? Especially in a big group of people with different tastes and preferences. So let’s compare the two by the same criteria to settle this once and for all.


Pub kicks off the match with a brutal strike. When it comes to food, pub has bar beaten hands down. The most you can expect from a bar in terms of food is a pitiful menu of light appetizers, a slice of pizza here, a buffalo wing there. But Pubs? You can get yourself a filling, hearty meal to go with your pint. Pub food is comfort food; bangers and mash, fish and chips, all that good stuff. Some pubs even go the extra mile, serving desserts and salads. So yeah, sorry bar. Pub wins this round.


Bars took a beating that round but it isn’t over yet. An awesome party atmosphere is something the best bars do exceedingly well and are much more in keeping with the traditional stag do environment. Loud music, dancing, shots, you get the idea. Pubs not so much. They’ve got more of a quiet, con­ver­sati­onal thing going on. Unless there’s a match on of course. That’s a different story. A savage counter attack from bars there.


This is it. The final round in a best of three, and the key deciding factor: The drinks. When it comes to drinks, bars are a jack of all trades but a master of none. There’s cocktails, mocktails, mixers and bombs. There’s a huge variety with a lot of delicious cocktails for you to try. Pubs on the other hand, mainly do just beer but they do it damn well. Yes, bars serve beer as well but it just isn’t the same. You won’t get the variety and quality of beers, wines and ciders that a pub has to offer.

Looks like a tie. We could go another round but I think it’s pretty clear where this is headed and it’s about time I dropped this stupid boxing match thing I’ve got going on. Bars and pubs both have their strengths and weaknesses, depending on what kind of night you’re after. If you’re a party animal or just looking for a quiet night in the local. You’re a big boy now, you can make your own choices dammit.

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Have fun!

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