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Hundreds of classy, funny, Mr & Mrs, sophisticated... Please browse through our original and free hen do games ideas and make the hen party extra-special. Perfect for playing over dinner at restaurants or home with the girls, these hilarious games are downloadable with rules, dares and instructions on how to play.

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Our Top Game Ideas for Hen Parties

1. Truth or Dare

See how daring you and the girls are during the celebrations and complete our list of rude, funny and unique truths and dares.

2. Hen Party Scavenger Hunt

Use our free printables or make your own and collect points throughout the night from all the different tasks. Great to play when at a hen-fest.

3. Mr & Mrs Quiz

Get the groom's answers and ask the bride-to-be on her hen weekend. We have over 100 unique questions to choose from.

4. Toilet Paper Wedding Dress

Have some fun with the girls before you head out and make your toilet paper wedding dress.

5. Hen Party Dares

We have over 50 different dares for you to pick from. From classic dares to ones specific for a girl’s night out.

6. Would You Rather

You can go as crazy, weird and hilarious as you want with this game. See what the girls will choose when you put them up against some of these questions.

7. Never Have I Ever

You will have all your secrets uncovered with this game. There are 60 statements for this game that you can choose from for your celebrations.

It’s Not a Celebration Without some Games!

When all the extensive planning is out of the way and your hen party activities, packages and accommodation are paid for, what’s left to add to the last night of freedom? We feel strongly that it’s not a celebration without some cheeky, classy, fun, original, or all of the former hen do games. If you’ve not sorted your games yet, check out the full range of hilarious games to see which suits your bride-to-be down to a T!

Top 10 Hen Party Games

1. Mr & Mrs Questions

See how well the bride-to-be and her other half know each other with the Mr & Mrs questions.

2. Prosecco Pong

Forget beer pong! A weekend isn't complete until you've had a game. Or at least until the bottle is empty!

3. Who is it?

Taking it in turns, each hen will be spun around, blindfolded and have to guess who is in front of them.

4. Naughty Hen Do Bingo

This is no ordinary game of bingo. You will have to have enough alcohol inside you and some courage!

5. Advice for the Bride

A hilarious game we're sure the bride-to-be will enjoy - After all, who doesn't want some well-needed advice?

6. Hen Party Dares

See who is feeling daring. During the weekend, you should all write down dares each to put into the dare pot!

7. Drunk Pictionary

The ideal game to play with a group.  All you need is a notepad, pencil and plenty of drinks!

8. Toilet Paper Wedding Dress

Think of the toilet roll mummy game without the mummy part. Transform a budding bride with her very own unique loo roll dress!

9. Mr & Mrs Paddle Questions

Either do this during the hen party with someone acting in as the groom or save it for the wedding!

10. How Well Do You Know the Bride 

See who knows the soon-to-be the best as you answer questions relating to the bride!

Hen Weekends Abroad

Hen Games to Suit All

With the epic variety of hen party game ideas that are on offer around the web, there are specific categories that these games fall into. For example, knowing which fun games are appropriate for during the day and which to keep for after dark.

So when is it best to play hen party games?

Games to Play During the Day

Many groups choose to organise several hen party activities throughout the day. But when you have downtime, then playing some games is a great idea. Work it around your lunch, afternoon tea or evening meal.

A classy hen party game perfect for the daytime is the Mr & Mrs Quiz Game.

Hen Night Games to Play

When the sun goes down, it's time to step up the games. 

Some of our top picks for the more risqué drinking games include Drunk Pictionary, Naughty Bingo and Prosecco Pong (if you’ve got a large space and some plastic cups at your disposal).

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12 Hen Party Drinking Games

1. Never Have I Ever

Before the hen party, put together a list of suggestions and situations. Then, in a group, read out each one, and the hens have to take a drink if it applies to them. This can quickly become a rude hen party game if that's what you want.

2. The Chase

Members sit in a circle; give two people sitting opposite each other a cup and dice.  Each number has a different result:

 1 - Pass the cup and dice to the person sitting to the left

2 - Pass the cup and dice to the person sitting to the right.

3 - Drink your drink!

4 - The person to the right takes a shot.

5 - The person to the right takes a shot.

6 - You take a shot!

3. Don't Say a Word

Pick out a few words you cannot say during the trip. If any hen has said any of the words, she has to face the consequence...a shot!

4. Hot Shots

Make sure you have a shotglass for every lady. Secretly fill some of the glasses up with water and the rest up with a clear spirit. Get each girl to take their glass and as soon as you say "HOT", everyone has to take the shot!

5. Two Truths & a Lie

Everyone takes it in turns to tell two truths and a lie. The rest of the group has to figure out which is the lie. If they get it right, the liar takes a drink; if they're wrong they have to!

6. Drunk Jenga

It's your classic game of Jenga with a twist. Instead of just pulling out a Jenga block, each block will have different things wrote on them to ultimately get you all drunk!

7. What’s My Drink?

The first person starts the game by saying ‘I’m going to the bar and I’m going to get a shot of tequila’ then the next repeats and adds on a drink and so on. When someone messes up they have to have a shot.     

8. Add Me Up

Wrap up a present like pass the parcel. However, someone is trying to open it with oven gloves on the other throws two dice. If the numbers = 10, they then swap. If they don’t they have to have a shot and pass it to the next person.

9. Battleshots

Like the classic game everyone used to play, except for your ships are now shots. Secretly arrange your shots like you would ships and start your guessing.

10. Don’t Drop Me

Write dares on paper and put them inside balloons before blowing them up. Then, take turns to walk from one side of the room to the other with a balloon in your legs. If you drop it, you have to pop it and do the dare & take a shot.

11. Fuzzy Duck

Sit in a circle and take turns to say “fuzzy duck”, you can also decide to say “does he?” which will then change the direction of play, and instead, you will say “ducky fuzz.” If a player accidentally says the wrong word, they have to drink.

12. The Name Game

The first player starts by saying a famous person’s name, and the next player has to say a famous person’s name beginning with the first letter of the previous surname. For example, Justin Bieber, Benedict Cumberbatch, Caitlin Jenner…you get the idea?

Printable Hen Games, Anyone?

Let’s cut to the chase – if you’re at the point where hen games are at the top of your priority list, we’re betting that the hen do is just around the corner. For this reason and your convenience, we’ve curated printable hen games that you can simply download and enjoy at your disposal. All the games come with instructions, the rules and information that you can take with you while you celebrate! Who doesn’t love some free hen do games?

Hen Party Scavenger Hunt Game

Printable Mr & Mrs Paddle Questions - Top 10

Why Hen Games Are Good Icebreakers

Bringing all the girls together for an all-important celebration of the bride-to-be is a beautiful occasion, but sometimes, you might need to break the ice a little bit before kicking off the antics.

If so, what better way to get everybody feeling more at ease than with a few fun and silly games and hen do dares? By starting off this way, those in your group who don't know each other very well or at all will be able to get acquainted early on, making for a more social and enjoyable experience for everybody from then on!

5 Classy Hen Party Games

1. The Great British Bite Off

Everyone loves The Great British Bake Off, so why not incorporate it into your hen party? Give every lady a biscuit and give them an object that they need to shape the biscuit into. The hen with the best-shaped biscuit at the end is the winner!

2. Would She Rather

Make up a piece of card with different "Would she rather" statements on - For example, questions like "Would she rather go abroad or would she rather stay in the UK?". Circle which you think most suits the bride-to-be and see who knows her the best.

3. Wise Words

Before the weekend ask all the girls to send over a few words of advice or kind words that can be both funny or cheeky. Print them all off on a piece of card and fold them into a hat. The bride-to-be then picks them out of the hat, reads them out and guesses who said it!

4. Bridal Mad Libs

Similar to our Advice for the Bride. Bridal Mad Libs are fun cards made for you to simply fill in the blanks to create your personalised letter to give to the bride before her special day. These can often come pretty hilarious.

5. Purse Said

Write a list of random objects you may find in your purse. Get the ladies into two teams and start shouting out each object. The team who pulls it out of their purse the quickest are the round winners.

10 Classy Hen Party Games


Hen Party Ideas

Which Games to Play with Family?

Of course, hen party games with family members can be brilliantly hilarious! However, depending on who it is that's joining you, it might be a wise idea to tone down some of the feistier dares and challenges that you would otherwise play with your friends... remember, everybody is different!

Luckily, there are still a lot of hen games to play with family that are both a bit tamer yet still as enjoyable! 

1. Toilet Paper Wedding Dress

2. Mr & Mrs Paddle Questions

3. Hen Party Pass the Parcel

4. How Well Do You Know the Bride?

5. Advice for The Bride

How Many Games Should you Play?

Depending on how much free time you and the girls have, it's pretty much up to you as to how many games you should play! No matter whether the sole focus of playing games is to break the ice between unfamiliar members of the group or you're just looking to get into the celebrations with a few laughs, there's no limit on what, when or how many you play!

We note that the most common times that people play hen party games is on the night out, so whilst everyone is still present (and mostly sober!), the start of the night will probably be the ideal time to kick off with a few rounds of classic challenges, truth or dare and more!

See All of Our Hen Party Games Below:

Drink If

Drink If

Shake up your pre-drinks before the big night out by breaking the ice with all the girls with a few side-splitting rounds of the drink if hen party game!
Prosecco Pong

Prosecco Pong

Ensure you and the girls get pretty tipsy during the hen party with a boozy game of prosecco pong! Bounce the ball into the cup and prepare to down some bubbly!
Pass the Parcel

Pass the Parcel

Feel like big kids with a cheeky twist and play hen party pass the parcel! A great game to add to the hen weekend and make your bride to be feel special.
Drunk Pictionary

Drunk Pictionary

Make it a hen party to remember with the help of our drunk Pictionary hen party game. It’s the perfect addition for you and the girls to have a laugh with.
Toilet Paper Wedding Dress

Toilet Paper Wedding Dress

Have some fun with the girls & get practising what type of dress the bride-to-be loves with the toilet paper wedding dress game, it’s a classic hen party game.