What Classy Hen Do Destinations Abroad Should I Consider?

Classy Hen Party Destinations Abroad

There are so many cities that you can head to abroad for your hen weekend, but which are the best for a classy hen do?

If you have started planning your hen party and already decided that you are definitely jetting off to another city, then this blog is for you. To give you some inspiration on your search for what classy hen do destinations abroad that you should consider we have done the research and put together our top 6 desti­nations. And since we cover plenty of different cities across Europe we like to consider ourselves quite the expert when it comes to figuring out the best destinations for you to head to.

Top 6 Classy Hen Do Destinations Abroad

1. Barcelona

The Catalonian capital, the perfect mix of a city and beach.

When it comes to a hen party in Barcelona you will be pleasantly surprised by the sheer amount of things to see and do. If you are looking for a break away from the UK weather with a city that sees over 200 days of sunshine this city is for you. With a beautiful beach spread right across Barcelona, you will be able to enjoy all the pros of a city break with the added bonus of throwing a day at the beach into your hen party agenda!

Hen Party Barcelona

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Top 5 Barcelona Hen Party Activities

1. Cocktail Making

A classic hen party addition that all the girls will enjoy is the cocktail masterclass hen party in Barcelona. Shake and mix together your own unique cocktails with a professional bartender.

2. Life Drawing

Bring out your artistic side with the life drawing hen party in Barcelona. Thanks to your own tutor you will be able to have a go at drawing the poses the nude male life model gets into.

3. Catamaran Cruise

Enjoy a Medit­er­ra­nean cruise for 1 and a half hours with the girls. What better way to soak up all the Spanish sun then on a catamaran cruise hen party in Barcelona with some drinks.

4. Wine Tasting

Calling all wine lovers, the wine tasting hen party in Barcelona will be the perfect experience as you get to try out 5 different local and inter­national wines along with a selection of cheeses.

5. Salsa Dance Class

Try out something a little bit different and learn how to dance with the salsa dance class hen party in Barcelona. You will have a trained dance instructor to guide you through the session.

2. Marbella

Known for being the playground for Europe’s rich and famous.

A Marbella hen do can provide you with all the glitz and glam that you could want out of a classy hen do destination abroad! You will find an abundance of beach clubs, chilled bars and restaurants that will be perfect to add into your hen party celeb­ra­tions. It’s the perfect destination abroad if you are looking to feel like part of the TOWIE cast and make your own Marbs memories. So grab your favourite sunnies, your new bikini and head over to this beautiful city for your hen weekend abroad.

Marbella Hen Do

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Top 5 Marbella Hen Party Activities

1. Gin Cocktail Making

Learn how to mix together your own drinks with the gin cocktail making hen party in Marbella. You will be able to mix together 2 of your own gin based cocktails in this unique experience.

2. Tapas Meal & Drinks

What better time to enjoy tapas then when you’re in Spain? With the tapas meal & drinks hen party in Marbella you will be able to share plenty of tapas dishes along with some wine or beer.

3. Puro Beach Club VIP

You can’t go to Marbella without visiting at least one beach club. With the Puro Beach Club VIP hen party in Marbella you will be able to enjoy sun loungers by the pool, fruit, water and beach access!

4. Private Catamaran Cruise

Enjoy the private catamaran cruise hen party in Marbella and sail the seas, soak up some sun and enjoy some drinks on your own private boat that is just for you and the girls for 2 hours!

5. Water Park

Splash and slide around with the water park hen party in Marbella, with this addition you will be able to skip the queue and head straight inside to enjoy all of the slides and rides that are inside.

3. Lisbon

One of the oldest European capitals with beautiful sites to see.

A city that is known for its beautiful beaches, unbeatable nightlife and providing you with an extremely classy celebration. A Lisbon hen do will be the perfect way to spend your last night of freedom. Since it’s the Portuguese capital you will be able to find everything here. As well as a huge variety of activities to make your classy hen weekend an experience to remember. Lisbon can also guarantee you with some incredible sunshine since it is known as one of the sunniest destinations in Europe!

Lisbon Hen Do

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Top 5 Lisbon Hen Party Activities

1. Sangria Bike

Think of your classic beer bike but instead with some sangria or wine, the beer bike hen party in Lisbon can provide you with a 1-hour experience where you can drink as much as possible!

2. Smartphone City Treasure Hunt

What better way to explore the city then with the smartphone city treasure hunt hen party in Lisbon? Unlock clues, puzzles and challenges and earn points as you go around the city centre.

3. Fado Show

Get into the Portuguese spirit with the Fado show hen party in Lisbon. It’s the perfect way to experience the culture of Portuguese music and dance during the hen weekend celeb­ra­tions.

4. Rooftop Drinks

With all the bars in Lisbon you want to make sure you go to the best ones. With the rooftop drinks hen party in Lisbon you can head to the tallest buildings, soak up the views and enjoy the drinks.

5. Luxury Spa Day

Nothing is classier and relaxed then adding a luxury spa day hen party in Lisbon into the celeb­ra­tions. Enjoy using the thermal pool, sauna, whirlpool and relaxation area together.

4. Madrid

Take in breath-taking views of the capital from one of the many rooftop bars.

Enjoy the hustle and bustle that the Spanish capital brings as well as all of the experiences that are available. With a Madrid hen do you will be able to enjoy a variety of different unique experiences. With classy hen party activities, extremely popular nightlife venues and even better weather, you will have an endless amount of things to see and do during your hen party in Madrid. And since it’s the fifth largest city in Europe you will leave this city wanting to go back and explore even more!

Madrid Hen Do

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Top 5 Madrid Hen Party Activities

1. Tapas Tour

Enjoy some Spanish culture with the tapas tour hen party in Madrid. Explore a variety of different bars and enjoy some tapas snacks and drinks with all the girls and your guide who takes you around.

2. Flamenco Dance

Head to the dance floor and learn some new moves with the flamenco dancing hen party in Madrid. With this private dance class your trained dance instructor will teach you some new skills.

3. Photo Shoot

You will want to remember the hen weekend right? So make sure you do by adding the photo shoot hen party in Madrid so that you have some professional photos to keep for memories together.

4. Escape Rooms

Use your brains and crack some codes with the escape rooms hen party in Madrid, it’s the perfect experience where you have to work together and unlock puzzles and clues to escape out the room.

5. Wine Tasting

A classic sophis­ticated experience for all you wine lovers out there would be the wine tasting hen party in Madrid. Learn some new wine knowledge and taste 3 different wines and nibbles.

5. Dublin

Enjoy a pint of Guinness and soak up all the Irish charm of the city.

Although most people go to Dublin for some Guinness and plenty of other alcohol…a Dublin hen do is surprisingly a pretty classy hen do destination abroad! As well as being full of plenty of Irish pubs you will be pleased to know that Dublin actually also has plenty of amazing hen party activities and ideas to keep you all busy. And there are plenty of sights to see all around the city too like the castle, Temple Bar and the Guinness Storehouse just to name a few.

Dublin Hen Do

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Top 5 Dublin Hen Party Activities

1. Old School Sports Day

Enjoy something a little bit more energetic with the old school sports day hen party in Dublin. You can go head to head in a number of different games like the sack race and egg and spoon race.

2. Mobile Chocolate Making

Everyone loves chocolate so the mobile chocolate making hen party in Dublin will be perfect. Learn how to make your own chocolates and decorate your creations which you can then take home.

3. Smartphone Hen Party Treasure Hunt

With the smartphone hen party treasure hunt in Dublin you and the girls will be able to explore the city in different teams and unlock challenges, questions and clues to earn points for your team!

4. Dance Party Ideas

Have some fun and learn a dance routine to your chosen theme with the dance class hen party in Dublin! With an experienced dance instructor to guide you through the warm up and routine.

5. Lip Sync Battle

Try something a little bit different with the lip sync battle hen party in Dublin. Split into teams and go head to head with lip syncing songs. You will also have a dance coach who’ll put together a routine.

6. Seville

This Spanish city is the birthplace of the famous Flamenco dance!

A Spanish city without your usual beaches, a Seville hen party can provide you with all the charm and history that you could want out of a classy hen do destination abroad. You will be able to explore this beautiful city whilst enjoying the beautiful weather that you will be guaranteed. Throughout the city you will see all of the Gothic and Renaissance architecture which is what makes this city so pretty. As well as keeping yourself busy with some of the best hen party activities in Spain!

Seville Hen Party

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Top 5 Seville Hen Party Activities

1. Cocktail Making

With the cocktail making hen party in Seville you’ll be able to enjoy 2 hours of mixing, shaking and stirring your own unique cocktails. You’ll also have a professional mixologist to help you out.

2. Tapas Tour

Explore the city whilst exploring all of their amazing tapas dishes with the tapas tour hen party in Seville. There will be unlimited tapas so eat as much as you can and enjoy 4 drinks each too!

3. Luxury Spa & Massage

Enjoy an amazing spa experience with the luxury spa & massage hen party in Seville. Use all facilities like the saunas, steam baths, bithermal showers and a 15-minute aromatherapy massage each!

4. Flamenco Show & Dinner

Since flamenco dancing came from here adding the flamenco show & dinner hen party in Seville. There will be a 3 course dinner, wine and an amazing flamenco show to watch in a restaurant.

5. Beauty Party

With the beauty party hen party in Seville you and the girls will be able to unwind and get glam ready for the hen night out. With a professional make-up artist and a glass of cava each.

As well as all of our hen do desti­nations abroad we also have plenty of hen do destination in the UK too! Whatever help you need when it comes to planning your hen party we will be able to help.

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