Stag Do Planning 2017

2017 is fast approaching. If you’ve got a stag coming up next year, the time to start planning is now. Here’s someStag Do Planning 2017 advice on how you can plan the ultimate stag party.

First of all, get yourself organised. How do you get organised? Write stuff down. We offer free stag do planning checklists to help you keep your mind clear during the busy planning process. There’s a lot of stuff to remember: Dates, phone numbers, companies, activities and so on. If that seems like a bigger problem than a simple checklist can fix, then don't worry. The checklist is just the start.

We offer fantastic services that make planning an epic stag do a piece of cake. Take the ‘My Events VIP Area’ for example. As soon as you book an event on our website, you’ll be given access to the ‘My Events VIP Area’, where you can invite all your mates into what is essentially an online hub for stag do planning. Open 24/7, it allows each guest to pay individually and communicate via a group chat area. As the organiser, you can send out group emails quickly and easily, ensuring everyone is informed and up to speed on what’s happening. You can also send your guests invites with all the information they need to confirm attendance and make payment to us, all at the click of a button. It’s hassle free organisation with no extra cost.

Of course, no matter how easy the planning is, you won’t get anywhere without some good stag do ideas. We cater for stags of every kind. Whether you’re after a traditional night of pubs and clubs or you’re looking to try something new and unique, we've got stag do activities for everyone. Almost all our activities are available in a wide range of cities. From London to Dublin, we organise stag dos all over the UK.

You can also check out dozens of articles on our stag do blog. There’s in depth advice on planning killer Stag Dos of every kind, as well as detailed information on a wide variety of Stag Do ideas and locations.

If you want to book with us or you need more information, you can reach us on 0161 341 0052.

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