Naked Chef - Afternoon Tea Hen Party in Bristol

Naked Chef - Afternoon Tea
  • £35.00

Activity Details

  • Mobile Afternoon Tea
  • Professional chef
  • Hunky naked butler
  • Cottages, Apartments, Homes

If you’re wanting a taste of the countryside for your hen weekend and fancy celebrating with a spot of tea, but don’t want to bore your hens. Why not mix it up abit? Introducing the afternoon tea with naked chef hen party in Bristol! Enjoy an exquisite afternoon tea prepared by a professional chef but unfor­tunately, the chef can’t be naked for safety reasons. But luckily enough you’ve got your butler in the buff to serve you your delicious selection of sandwiches, cakes and teas for you and your hens to enjoy.

What’s Included

  • Enjoy a lovely relaxed afternoon experience at your venue
  • Afternoon Tea served with a choice of sandwiches, cakes and teas
  • A professional chef to prepare, cook and serve your food
  • Using fresh ingredients, chef will prepare your food
  • Naked Hunky butler for 2 hours
  • Although the chef has to be fully clothed (for health and safety reasons), they’ll be accompanied by a hunky butler to cater to all of your needs throughout the event and of course, be a bit of eye candy!
  • The chef will arrive appro­ximately 2-3 hours prior to the event
  • The butler will arrive appro­ximately 30mins prior to the food being served to help the chef serve.
  • Before leaving your chef will clean down the kitchen and any equipment they have used leaving it in the state they found it. They are not expected to wash the dishes after the meal. This is something you can instruct your butler to do if you wish.
  • The butler will then carry on waiting on your needs and event requ­ire­ments.
  • Menu choices for each guest and any dietary requirements must be communicated appro­ximately 1 month prior to the event date.
  • Chefs will need a sufficiently equipped kitchen, large enough to cater for the number of guests in your party and will rely upon the equipment at your venue (plates, pans, cutlery etc)
  • Please note there may be a travel fee for any venues 5 miles out of the city centre of any major city/town

The afternoon tea with naked chef hen party is great for a laugh and a lovely way to chill out with your friends. The butler is polite, attentive and a nice bit of eye candy too! He and the chef will come straight to you at your home, apartment or holiday cottage. The chef will even tidy up after he’s done, leaving your kitchen exactly the way they found it. The butler will also wash the dishes if you request! Keep in mind that you’ve got to supply the plates, pans, silverware and so on, as well as making sure that your kitchen is big enough to cater for all your guests.

If you’re looking for a way to treat yourself and be a little bit mischievous on your last few weeks as a bache­lor­ette, then the afternoon tea with naked chef hen party is a fab way to do it. It’s a great way to treat yourself and your friends in the comfort of your own home. The menu is delicious and varied, with a ton of different sandwiches, teas, cakes and pastries for you to choose from. To keep it short and sweet, if you want delicious food, delicious drink and delicious eye candy, you can’t beat this awesome afternoon tea experience.

Extra Info:

  • All menus are seasonal and may differ between locations. For a sample menu, contact our events managers for more details
  • This activity is designed to be run at your own venue, whether a house, apartment or cottage.  You will need to source the venue yourself.
  • Menus may be subject to change due to availability of produce (seasonal or other).
  • We have timed the package so that your butler arrives 30 minutes before service, therefore allowing him to help the chef once the food is ready to be served, if you wish to amend these timings you may be required to help the chef serve the food to the table.
  • Basic dietary requirements are included in the menu price however if a large number of changes to the menu are required a small surcharge may apply.


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