Hen Party Ideas for a Pregnant Bride-to-be

Hen Party Ideas for Pregnant Brides

How to Plan a Hen Do for an Expectant Mum

Planning this special celebration can be difficult, but it can be even more so when the bride-to-be is pregnant!

But there's no need to worry - here are our top pregnant hen party ideas to ensure you all still have a good time. They are guaranteed to entertain the girls whilst ensuring the bride-to-be won’t feel left out or at risk.

What Activities to do for Pregnant Hen

Pamper Day

Hen Party Ideas for Pregnant Brides Pamper Party

Many mums-to-be will be worried about a Spa day knowing steam rooms, saunas, hot tubs and Jacuzzis are a no-go during pregnancy. This does not mean a pamper day is not possible, it just needs to be tailored. So when booking please make sure that your party planner and therapist know about any mums-to-be.

A pamper day is recommended for a pregnant bride that is no longer in her 1st trimester. Facials are a great treatment option, just bear in mind your skin may be more sensitive now. You could opt for plain oils or you might find, citrus, lavender, frankincense and rose particularly soothing. A neck and shoulder massage or pedicure might feel like heaven to relieve some stress and relax.

Get in the pool! It has so many amazing benefits for mums to be. Whilst improving your circulation and improving your oxygen levels in your blood it is also reducing swelling in your arms and legs. The water also helps to regulate your body temperature so you don’t overheat. Enjoy feeling weightless.

Life Drawing Classes

Hen Party Ideas for Pregnant Brides Life Drawing

A cheeky hen do life drawing party is one of the most popular ideas to date, and easily one a pregnant bride can enjoy. No alcohol required, you and the girls will learn to sketch a nude life model using expert equipment and a handy art tutor. The class is short and sweet, so even if you're in your last few months of pregnancy you can enjoy it before resting! Learn about how to become a life drawing model if you are curious on how your model got a job like this or you are interested yourself.

Pyjama Party

Hen Party Ideas for Pregnant Brides Pyjama Party

A party where you are expected to be comfortable, have your feet up and relax and indulge in a few treatments. What could be better than a Slumber party? It’s normal for mums-to-be to get tired, so this is a perfect way to have fun without any strenuous activity required.

Get comfy in your comfy Pyjamas, dressing gown and fluffy socks, after all, everything is better in pyjamas. Dip strawberries, bananas, marshmallows or even freshly popped popcorn into your chocolate fountain. Pick your favourite movies, perhaps Bridesmaids, My Big Fat Greek Wedding or Mamma Mia? Play a few rounds of never have I ever or cards against humanity. Have a few mini treatments from a professional therapist to truly make the evening special.

If your mum-to-be is in her first trimester she might be suffering from some morning sickness. A Pyjama party allows her to be comfortable and not dashing for a public bathroom or scouring cafes for some citrus to smell. Have some lemons and ginger tea in the cupboard on standby to help alleviate nausea. You can easily cater to her needs and still treat and pamper her with an amazing nostalgic Pyjama party.

Afternoon Tease

Hen Party Ideas for Pregnant Brides - Afternoon Tease

Get ready for a quin­tes­sen­ti­ally British afternoon tea with a cheeky twist with an afternoon tease hen party for you and the girls! Enjoy some scrumptious cakes and a finger sandwich or two and let your taste buds be tickled by some delightful treats... all served up by your very own naked butler! It's the perfect setting to still play some hen games like Mr and Mrs questions to see how well they know each other.

If the bride-to-be is cutting down or cutting out caffeine, please let your party planner know she they can ask for some decaffeinated tea or coffee instead. It is safe to consume between 1-2 cups of tea or coffee, but always best to put mum-to-be's wishes first.

Theatre And Shopping

Hen Party Ideas for Pregnant Brides Theatre & Shopping

There are so many amazing theatres shows out for the biggest selection to choose from head to London. There will still be theatrical shows in most cities so worth checking out however the west end in London will be your best bet. From classics like Lion King and Wicked to the comedy brilliance of the book of Mormon. Feel good vibes with Kinky boots or even goosebumps and screams with the Woman in Black. There’s something for everyone’s tastes with large groups don’t hesitate to book to ensure you can all be sat together. Going to the theatre is an amazing option as it takes you on a roller coaster of emotions, so bring the tissues! The mum-to-be gets to sit through the performance on a comfy seat surrounded by her nearest and dearest.

Whether you have opted for a matinee performance or an evening there is still a few extra hours’ worth filling up. Hello, shopping time! Maternity wear is finally better than ever. With shops like Seraphine, Topshop, Mothercare, Madderson maternity and Tiffany rose giving maternity clothes a new lease of life. No longer dowdy and dated they have had life and love designed into them. Making you feel beautiful inside and out. So treat your mum to be by popping into some of these amazing shops and treating her to an outfit or two.

Comedy Club

Hen Party Ideas for Pregnant Brides Comedy Club

If your pregnant bride loves to watch Mock The Week, Would I Lie To You, 8 Out Of 10 Cats and Live At The Apollo. Then a Comedy show is going to be just the tonic for her! After all, laughter is the best medicine and who wouldn’t enjoy heading to see the best acts on the circuit. With each act having their own flavour of comedy there will be someone to get her giggling in stitches.

After all, that little bean is memorizing mum-to-be's voice. Listening out to hear her talk, sing, speak and soon will be recognising it, having a calming effect.  It is also thought to release some good hormones that will make both you and baby happy! So have a good belly chuckle for both you and bean.

Baking Class

Hen Party Ideas for Pregnant Brides Baking Class

Jump into a class where you bake with a legend. Feel like Mary Berry or even Sue as you bake the day away. Judge those soggy bottoms and see if you will make the cut and be the star baker. Channel your inner strength and avoid licking the batter as yummy as it may be, those raw eggs are best to be avoided when expecting. Swap cream for a safer alternative so you can taste your treats too without any hesitation or doubts. Let your party planner know too so they can advise your Great British Bake Off instructor to cater for you. On your marks, get set….BAKE!

Alternative cooking class


...have no fear that your bride-to-be has a bun in the oven, she’s up the duff, knocked up, in the family way, prego, preggers, eating for two or expecting. However, you choose to phrase it she is pregnant and in need of an amazing hen party. With these ideas, she is bound to have some good clean fun without being at risk or feel left out.

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