Themed Hen Party: How to Pull it Off

Themed hen parties are a lot of fun and a great way to make your hen party all the more memorable, not to mention itHow to Pull Off a Themed Hen Party makes it lot easier to find your friends in a club! Here’s a few ideas on how to pull off a themed hen party.

The key to a themed hen party is coor­di­nation. All the girls need to be wearing outfits that correlate with each other. You can’t just go digging around in the dress up box and wear whatever you find. There needs to be a theme that you all stick to. A good idea is to match the theme with the bride. For example, if she’s a bit of a geek then why not go as superheroes?

Dance Hen Parties are great for hen parties with a theme. You can learn a fantastic dance routine and choose from a huge variety of themes. You could be dancing to anything from Beyoncé to Bollywood!

How to Pull Off a Themed Hen PartyTry not to wear anything offensive! It might just be a joke but you wouldn’t want your night ruined by someone taking it the wrong way. Most importantly you need to be able to laugh at yourself. You might look ridiculous but that’s part of the fun. Just relax and have a great time!



We hope you have a fabulous hen party whatever you choose to wear!

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