Personalise your Hen Party

How to Have a Personalised Hen PartyA hen party is all about the bride, so why not add a personal touch to your hen party at home with some fab favours and some DIY decorations? Here’s a few simple but wonderful ideas to make your big day extra special.


Cupcakes are great when you’ve got a big gaggle of hens on the way over. Not only are they a tasty treat that’s easy to make, they’re also great for decorating.  There are plenty of custom cupcake services out there to make your own personalised cupcakes at your request, or you could make your own!


Bunting is an absolute must when choosing decorations for a hen party at home! Not only does it make your house look beautiful, there’s so many different ways to approach it. You could make some nostalgic photo bunting out of old pictures of good times with the girls, or some bunting to spell out funny and cheeky messages! Spend the day making some with the girls with our mobile bunting making hen parties! (You can also make flower crowns, fascinators and much more!)

Hangover Kits!

You’ll be glad you chose this idea when you wake up after a big night out and feel the bubbly biting back! The idea is a survival kit of everything you need to help you get through a horrible hangover. It could include some mini-bottles of water, breath mints, maybe some paracetamol!

Framed Kiss the Miss!

How to Have a Personalised Hen Party KissA super-sweet idea to personalise your hen party. Get a blank piece of paper and frame it. Each of the girls will give it a smooch and write a short message underneath. A fun and unique way to remind yourself of those who mean the most to you.

These are just a few ideas for how to have a personalised hen party. You can also find tons of great hen party favours and creative ideas on our pinterest page!

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