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80 Hen Party Themes & Ideas

We all love a good theme on a hen party. We have compiled a list of 80 unusual & classy hen do themes with matching hen party activities.

Best Hen Party Theme Categories Below:

Classic Themes

Hen Party Themes - Traditional


Traditional hen party themes are everywhere, the L plates, sashes, badges, tiaras, feathers, blow up dolls. You name it each member of the hen party will be wearing it. It’s tacky but let’s be honest everyone loves it and it makes it obvious to everyone else that you are out on a hen party!

Hen Party Themes - Vintage


A timeless theme that everyone knows and loves is Vintage. The dresses and accessories are always a great look, even today which makes it a perfect theme for your hen party. And it is an easy one to get hold of some outfits for too! 

Hen Party Themes - Pirates


Ahoy there matey! Grab all of your hen party crew and set sail on your hen party weekend. A fun theme that everyone can get on board with…literally. Just grab yourselves a parrot, an eye patch and some bandanas and you will be looking the part in no time.


Hen Party Themes - Angels & Devils

Angels & Devils

In every group you can easily point out who the angel is and who the bad influence is. So the angels and devils theme would be a great laugh as you decide who will be dressing up as what. A great idea is putting the hen as a devil as the hen weekend is her final celebration of being single!

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Hen Party Themes - Cheerleaders


Give me a H. Give me an A. Give me a N. What does that spell? HEN! Who doesn’t love cheerleaders? Bring out your inner Missy Pantone from Bring It On and cheer your way through the hen party weekend!

Try our Cheerleading Dance Class Hen Party

Hen Party Themes - Pyjama Party

Pyjama Party

Us girls love lounging about in our comfy clothes so if you are planning on relaxing on your hen weekend a pyjama party would be great! Even better if you got personalised or matching pyjamas for all the girls in your group! 

Try our Mobile pamper party or Spa Day

Hen Party Themes - The Great Gatsby

The Great Gatsby

The Great Gatsby was known for its glitz and its glamour and its book (or film adaption) is known by many. If you and the girls are fans of the 20s or even if just the hen is then it would be great to dress up in this famous era with amazing outfits to go with.

Check out our Mobile 1920s Flapper Headband Making Hen Party

Hen Party Themes - Hawaiian


Get your leis out and your straw skirts and get ready to shake those hips for your Hawaiian themed hen party. This theme is a really fun and a classic one to include in your hen party, especially if you are having that type of theme running through your weekend.

Add some Butlers in the Buff

Hen Party Themes - Neon


Stand out for your hen weekend by going with a neon theme. Its bright, its bold, it’s the perfect theme if you are a group of hens who are up for anything and just want to have some fun and make this experience one to remember.

Match the theme with our Glow Sports Hen Party

Hen Party Themes - Army


Attention! Give the girls one epic hen party theme by getting your camo out ready for an active weekend. It is perfect if your group are planning on having a hen party full of fun and adventure where your army gear may be a suitable attire.

Try some Paintballing or Battle Zone Archery Tag

Hen Party Themes - Botanical


We’ve seen the trend with weddings over the past year, flowers are everywhere and if you are planning on going down the botanical theme for your wedding décor then why not continue it through your hen party celebrations too?

Perfect activity is our Mobile Flower Crown Making Hen Party

Hen Party Themes - Royalty

Royal Wedding

If you want to make the hen feel like the royal that she is then the royalty hen party theme would be great! Get out your finest dresses and perfect your royal wave ready for a theme like no other. A posh accent wouldn’t go a miss either!

Hen Party Themes - Little Black Dress

Little Black Dress

A simple theme that everybody would be on board with. If your group aren’t big fans of dressing up, then just getting out your LBD’s from your wardrobe will probably be the best idea. And it is a great photo opportunity!

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Hen Party Themes - Pink


Pink to make the boys wink for one last night of freedom right ladies? An easy colour that everyone can wear and perfect for a girl’s night out. There are a huge variety of different shades of pink too so a fun idea would be to make sure each person in your group is in a different shade!

Try our Cocktail Making Hen Party

Hen Party Themes - Glamourous Gold


The hens last night of freedom should be remembered and what better way to do that than with an exciting finishing touch such as the theme. Glamorous gold will have you ladies in your finest gold attire ready for an unforgettable night.

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Hen Party Themes - All Things Glitter

All Things Glitter

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend and that stays the same for your outfit. With the all things glitter theme you and the girls should dress to impress in your glitteriest outfit and have a hen weekend full of style, glam and perfect photo oppor­tuni­ties.

Hen Party Themes - Tuxedo


A controversial theme that would be great for making a statement! Since the bride will more than likely be wearing a beautiful wedding dress on her special day it would be a laugh to dress up in a tuxedo for her hen celebrations.

Hen Party Themes - All White

All White

And if a tuxedo isn’t your thing instead you could all stand out by wearing all white. An obvious clue that you are on a hen party and the bride to be could even wear a veil as a finishing touch. Think of it as practise for the big day.

Hen Party Themes - Dress As Your Other Half

Dress as Your Other Half

A funny choice if you are wanting to have a laugh! This could be surprise you keep from the hen by turning up on the day dressed as her fiancé! It will be the perfect photo opportunity that we are sure the hen will not forget!

Hen Party Themes - Unicorn


Unicorns are everywhere this year so why not make a statement by turning into a group of the mythical creature. This could be by simply going out with your own unicorn horn on or go all out with a unicorn onesie. You could be as simple or crazy with this one.


Funny Themes

Hen Party Themes - Grannies


This can be a joke where you all dress up like grannies as once the soon to be wed ties the knot she won’t be going out again. Of course we are sure that won’t be the case but it is a great theme if you are wanting to make some memories and have a laugh.

Hen Party Themes - 20s

Decades - 1920's

Get out your beads and your feather boas for a 1920s themed hen party. It is a classic that everybody loves and the perfect way to dress up glam as though you are from a totally different era.

Try our Charleston Dance Hen Party or Mobile 1920's Flapper Headband Making Hen Party

Hen Party Themes - 60s

Decades - 1960's

If you are after peace & love during the hen party, a 1960s theme will be right up your street. Get out your psychedelic patterns and get groovy for a weekend of fun with the soon to be wed.

Match with a 60s Dance Class Hen Party 

Hen Party Themes - 70s

Decades - 1970's

Put your dancing shoes on for a night on the dance floor with the 1970s themed hen party. Luckily for you flares are back in so all you need to get yourselves is a sparkly top and a disco ball and you are good to go.

Boogie to our 70s Dance Class Hen Party

Hen Party Themes - 80s

Decades - 1980's

The 80s were known for their neon, mods and their rockers so with this theme you can get as creative as you want with this depending on what suits your group the most! Think Madonna and Bon Jovi.

Dance with our 80s Dance Class Hen Party

Hen Party Themes - 90s

Decades - 1990's

Think hip-hop, street dancing, boom box, everybody loves the 90s in fact we are back in some of the trends now! Mom jeans, chokers, check, think Cher from clueless vibes. It is a great way to style up some outfits you may already have.

Try our 90s Dance Class Hen Party

Hen Party Themes - 00s

Decades - 2000's (The Naughties)

The 2000s were known for their velour tracksuits, low cut jeans and miniskirts. And it is a great way to relive your younger years by bringing back the trends that have been left behind with this hen party theme.

Bring Back The 00's with our Hip Hop Dance Class Hen Party

Hen Party Themes - Memes


If you use social media 9 out of 10 times you will probably see some sort of meme on your screen. So why not dress up as your hens favourite one, whatever that may be. It would be a great inside joke that you can all laugh about.

Hen Party Themes - Hippy


Keep the positivity flowing throughout the hen weekend by adding a hippy theme into your day. It is a fun way to include some flower power into your outfits. And fun for all the group to get involved in especially if your chosen activity could be linked with it.

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Hen Party Themes - Crayons


Something unique and fun would be a crayon themed hen party. We have all seen the costumes and we all know the colours so if you have got an artistic hen on your hands the crayon theme might be a good route to go down!

Love drawing, try our Body Painting or Hen Party Life Drawing 

Hen Party Themes - Food

Food & Drink

Are you a group of foodies? If so, then dressing up as food might be the theme for you! It’s great for having a laugh and creating memories. You may get a look or two though if you are going down the road as a walking buffet!

Check out 30+ Food & Drink Related Hen Party Activities

Hen Party Themes - Where's Wally

Where's Wally

Simple but effective. The where’s wally theme for your hen party would be a great idea if you are enjoying some sort of treasure hunt. As we all know the where’s wally character is someone that is in a striped top with a hat and glasses.

Hunt your way around the city with our Smartphone Hen Treasure Hunt Hen Party

Hen Party Themes - Safari


Animal print is all the rage at the moment you will find it in every shop in the high streets. So why not incorporate it into your weekend by each wearing at least one item of animal print! It’s a fun and easy theme to get involved with.

Hen Party Themes - Emojis


Sticking with the social media front, emoji’s are used everywhere and are great for expressing different feelings. So selecting some of your favourites and using them as your hen party theme would be a great idea.

Epic Parties by REVOEmoji Party IdeasFollow On

Hen Party Themes - Clown


Of course this theme is only good if nobody in your group is afraid of clowns. Unless you want the ultimate hen party prank then you’ve got it!

Clown around with our Goofy Games Hen Party


Hen Party Themes - Nurses

Doctors & Nurses

You can have a sexy version of almost anything these days but nurses will always be a classic that is easy to do for your whole group.

Think about

  • Nurse Uniforms
  • Naughty Nurses
  • Stethoscop

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Hen Party Themes - Cops & Robbers

Cops & Robbers

Cops and robbers is a good way to split your group up into the bad influencers and the not so easily influenced. It will be a laugh for your entire group and a good photo opportunity.

Hen Party Themes - Back to School

Back to School

Bring out your inner Britney Spears with the back to school hen party theme. We are thinking pleated skirts, white shirts and ties. You could even put your hair in pig tails for an added extra!

Try our Classic Old School Sports Day Hen Party

Hen Party Themes - Burlesque

Burlesque Dancers 

Get out your showgirl costumes and your feathers and dress yourselves as though you are ready to perform your best burlesque dance.

Think feather boas, high heels, fans and big hair

Try our Burlesque Dance Hen Party

Hen Party Themes - Masquerade


This theme is instantly sexy from the fact that you are wearing a mask that disguises your identity. Put on your most glamourous outfit and you are good to go.

Quick idea - Get some masks of the groom or celebrities

Hen Party Themes - Playboy Bunnies

Playboy Bunnies

A classic that is known by everyone is the playboy bunnies, the perfect sexy outfit that will definitely make a statement during your hen weekend.

  • Bunny tails
  • Bunny ears
  • Black shorts

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Hen Party Themes - Victoria's Secret Angels

Victoria's Secret Angels

And similar theme that is on trend is the Victoria Secret angels. Grab yourselves a pair of wings and put on your outfit and make the town your catwalk!

Get Creative with our Mobile Knicker Making Hen Party

Hen Party Themes - Toga Party

Toga Party

A toga is simple but effective and will probably save you a lot of money. Instead of buying a costume you and the girls could work together with some bed sheets and make your own!

Get in your robes as the model De-Robes with our Life Drawing Hen Party

Hen Party Themes - Cowboys & Indians

Cowboys & Indians

Grab your cowboy hats and your tassel boots and get ready for the ultimate showdown. This theme would be great if you have an activity where you can go head to head against each other! Cowboys Vs Indians.

Test your aim with our Archery Battle Zone Tag Hen Party

Hen Party Themes - Referee


For the sporty hens why not try out something different with a referee themed hen party. Get some black and white striped tops, black shorts or skirts and a whistle.

Try our Zorb Bubble Football & Dodgball

Film and TV Themes

Hen Party Themes - Disney Princesses

Disney Theme - Princesses

We’re sure everyone has wanted to be a Disney princess ever since they were a little girl so why not make the hen weekend be your chance. Grab your tiaras and celebrate marrying your prince charming. Get some hen fancy dress ideas from all the Disney films

Try our Disney Dance Class Hen Party

Hen Party Themes - Disney Villains

Disney Theme - Villians

And with the princesses comes the villains. If you are wanting that different take on the Disney theme, then some Disney villains will be a great idea!

Hen Party Themes - Barbie


One of Kylie Jenner’s 2018 Halloween costumes was her as a Barbie doll and we are sure it is now something that everyone will get on board with especially for a hen party.

Transform with our Makeover & Photoshoot Hen Party

Hen Party Themes - Pink Ladies

Grease - Pink Ladies

The original and extremely famous group of girls, the Pink Ladies. The perfect attire for your group of girls during the hen weekend and the outfit is pretty simple.

Think Pink ladies, big hair, black leather trousers, pink lady jackets

Try our Grease Dance Hen Party

Hen Party Themes - Harry Potter

Harry Potter

Harry Potter is a loved book and film franchise that is huge everywhere and if you have a HP fan in your hen group it would be a great idea to get involved in dressing up, especially if your hen party activity is Harry Potter themed.

Match with our Quidditch Hen Party

Hen Party Themes - Clueless


Bring out all the Cher vibes during your hen weekend with the clueless hen party theme. We’re talking checked skirts, cropped jackets, knee high socks you name it. You can really get creative with this one.

Hen Party Themes - 007

James Bond Girls - 007 

Add some action into your weekend with the 007 themed hen party. Would you go as bond yourself or do you fancy yourself as a bond girl that is the question?

Think glamorous ladies, black dresses

Try our Spy School Smartphone Challenge Hen Party


Hen Party Themes - The Powerpuff Girls

The Powerpuff Girls

Blossom Buttercup and Bubbles, the famous 3. The perfect way to dress up if you and the girls see yourself as these super powered sisters.

Hen Party Themes - Scooby Doo

Scooby Doo

Do your group see yourselves as the Mystery Inc. gang? If so why not dress up as the characters from Scooby-Doo and solve some crimes.

Get dressed as each character and some villians

Try our Escape Rooms Hen Party

Hen Party Themes - Mr. Men

Mr. Men

Whether you fancy being a Mr Men or a Little Miss this hen party theme would be great as you can link each member of your group to different characters.

Hen Party Themes - Minions


Perfect for big groups, the minion’s hen party theme only requires some denim dungarees and a yellow t-shirt.


Hen Party Themes - Superheroes

Super Heroes

Grab your cape and get ready to save the day with the superhero theme hen party! It is perfect if you have got yourself a marvel hen who wants something different.

Hen Party Themes - Star Wars

Star Wars

Get your lightsabers at the ready and get your space buns out ready for a Star Wars themed hen party. There are so many amazing characters you can dress up as with this theme!


Hen Party Themes - The Corpse Bride 

The Corpse Bride

A little bit of a darker take on a hen party theme but still a good one! The corpse bride is the perfect way for the soon to be wed to have a practise of being some kind of bride before the big day comes round.

Celebrities Hen Night Themes

Hen Party Themes - The Kardasians

The Kardashians Theme

The Kardashians are known for their looks and their glamour so why not get dressed up to the nines and hit the town for an unforgettable weekend.

Hen Party Themes - Spice Girls

Spice Girls

Zig a zig ah your way through your hen party with the spice girls theme. The only real decision you need to make for this theme is what spice girl you will be.

Try our Spice Girls Dance Class Hen Party

Hen Party Themes - Lady Ga Ga

Lady Gaga

Another celeb who is known for her outfits is of course Lady GaGa! If you are after making a statement with what theme to go for this is the perfect one.

Think strange and unusual, anything goes

Hen Party Themes - Madonna

Madonna - Like a Virgin

The queen of pop herself would be the perfect option to go for if you are wanting to add some style and class to your hen party theme.

Check out our Madonna Dance Class

Hen Party Themes - Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe is known for her white dress and tight curls and if your hen is a fan of the era and a lover of all things vintage then this theme would be great!

Look at our Vintage Makeover & Photoshoot


Hen Party Themes - Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson

Now we have spoken about the queen of pop but what about the king Michael Jackson? Again his iconic outfits are known by everyone and would make a great hen party theme.

Complete the theme with a Thriller Dance Class Hen Party

Hen Party Themes - Hannah Montana

Hannah Montana

If you were born in the 90s you will definitely have watched Hannah Montana and what better theme for your hen weekend than this?

Hen Party Themes - Audrey Hepburn

Audrey Hepburn

Audrey Hepburn’s Breakfast at Tiffany’s is an iconic film that is loved by everyone. She is recognised as a fashion icon so who better to dress up as during your hen weekend than Audrey herself.

Hen Party Themes - Jessica Rabbit

Jessica Rabbit

Although not a real celebrity, Jessica Rabbit is iconic. Her long red locks and sparkly red dress are the perfect combination if you are wanting an out of this world outfit.

Seasonal Events Themes

Hen Party Themes - Bavarian

Oktoberfest - Bavarian Girls

This German festival is the perfect time to dress up as a Bavarian Bierkeller. Grab yourself some lederhosen and a white shirt and you are good to go.

Complete the theme with the Bierkeller show

Hen Party Themes - Santa

Christmas Theme - Happy Santa's

This one is pretty self-explanatory. So if your hen weekend is during the festive period this would be a great idea.


Hen Party Themes - Christmas Jumpers 

Christmas Theme - Christmas Jumpers

But if you aren’t feeling a full on Santa suit then a Christmas jumper may just be the perfect theme.

Hen Party Themes - Naughty Elves

Christmas Theme - Naughty Elves

Sticking with the Christmas theme, naughty elves are always a great shout!

Hen Party Themes - Bunnies

Easter Bunnies

A classic during the Easter period would be Easter bunnies, grab yourselves some ears and a pom-pom tail and you can be on your way.


Hen Party Themes - Rainbow


Pride holds a big place in some people’s lives and if that is the case for your hen why not all dress up in the colours of the pride flag? We are sure it will make a big impact.

Hen Party Themes - Cupid

Valentines - Love

If your hen weekend falls near Valentine’s day, why not be the angels of love with a bow and arrow. Especially since you are celebrating the soon to be wed tying the knot.

Hen Party Themes - Boho Festival 


Summer is all about the festival life so if your hen weekend celebrations are during these months then a festival themed hen party might be the perfect choice.


  • Face Painting
  • Flower Crown Making
  • Glamping
  • Glitter
  • Hog Roast
  • Hot Tub Hire
  • Live Music
  • Silent Discos

Hen Party Themes - Leprechaun

St Patricks Day

Do we have any Irish hens celebrating their hen weekend near St Patricks Day? Why not transform yourselves into a group of Leprechauns for the celebrations.

Try these ideas

Hen Party Themes - The Queen

Queens Birthday

Ah the Queen’s Birthday, depending which one your hen party is near you could all dress up as her majesty for your celebrations.


We hope we have managed to give you some unique hen party ideas and themes to match to make your weekend something special. Enjoy a classy and unique hen do!

Happy Henning!

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