Have a Newcastle Hen Night

Have a Hen Night in Newcastle!Where would we be without Newcastle? Look at all the things it’s given the world. Greggs, the Stottie, Cheryl Cole.

Granted it also brought us Geordie Shore but that’s a forgivable offense in the grand scheme of things, especially when its inhabitants are all so damn friendly.

Seriously, they’re some of the nicest people you could ever hope to meet.

They’re just a joy to talk to, especially with such a brilliant accent. It’s gorgeous too, with amazing architectural accom­plishments like the iconic angel of the North and the Tyne Bridge making it a city that’s instantly recognisable.

Pro tip: Go and see the Tyne Bridge at night. Just do it. You’ll thank us later.

Newcastle also happens to be one of the biggest and best places for a hen party in the entire UK. It’s got a thriving nightlife scene, with more buzzing bars, pulsing clubs and quality restaurants than you’ve had hot dinners.

It’s also got plenty of incredible places to go for your hen night in Newcastle of all kinds for you to make your last night as a blushing bachelorette truly unfor­get­table.

You and the girls could kick off the night with a Cocktail Making Class in a trendy city centre bar before moving on to attend a critically acclaimed Adonis Cabaret Strip Show like the sophisticated patron of the arts you are.

Whether you're looking for something chilled out or action packed, Newcastle will have an abundance of things to offer you, no matter what kind of girl you are. 

So if the question is “Is Newcastle a good place for a hen party?” then we can one-hundred percent confirm that the answer is a solid “Why aye man!” Check out all of the amazing Newcastle hen party ideas here and give us a ring on 0161 341 0052 for more info.

Happy Henning Pet!

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