Best Breakfast in Newcastle

Best Breakfast in Newcastle

Sausage. Eggs. Bacon. Everyone loves a full English breakfast after a mad night out, and the same applies on your last night of freedom!

Despite millions of us loving a cooked breakfast the day after some heavy partying, many of us often find themselves disappointed after tucking into runny eggs and fatty bacon when visiting the wrong place. It’s an easy mistake to make but one you’ll hopefully never have to make again as we’ve complied the 11 best places to grab a brekkie on your ;ast night of freedom in this party paradise.

What are the Best Breakfast Restaurants in Newcastle?

Best Breakfast in Newcastle - Butterfly Cabinet

1. Butterfly Cabinet

This bohemian café is riddled with art and amazing food. Oh, plus the breakfast menu is served all day long so you needn’t worry if you’re late waking up after a solid night out.

Although the front of the café may just seem like a normal front door, go on through and you’ll instantly realise you’re in the midst of a quaint little café. No reservations can be made so simply turn up and be fed a delicious full English breakfast.

📌 200 Heaton Rd » | Website »

Best Breakfast in Newcastle - Arlo Bistro & Café

2. Arlo Bistro & Café

This homely little café in the heart of Jesmond serves delicious breakfasts and brunches until 12 everyday accept Sunday which has it all day long.

Whoop! The warm and friendly interior of the café is plastered with alpine-style memorabilia, which adds to the welcoming, cosy vibe of the place.

Although Jesmond is just on the suburbs of Newcastle itself, getting to it from the centre isn’t too much hassle and a walk might be welcome after a heavy night out.

📌 36-38 Brentwood Ave » | Website »

Best Breakfast in Newcastle - Café 21

3. Café 21 Newcastle

This Fenwick-based venue is spacious, chic and modern with a touch of class that will certainly impress you after a night out bar crawling across all sorts of amazing and questionable places.

Served between 9 and 11:30 in the morning 6 days a week with Sunday a tad later, you and the lads can tuck into light brunches all the way to a huge full English to heal your hangover blues.

From crispy bacon rolls to ricotta pancakes with bananas, we think you’ll find the list to be most impressive. We have put together a list of amazing things to do in Newcastle for after your breakfast!

📌 39 Northumberland St » | Website »

Best Breakfast in Newcastle - Thyme Square

4. Thyme Square

If you want a cheap and cheerful breakfast then this is the place to go. Brunch is served from just £5 using fresh quality ingredients and a welcoming friendly service that makes even a group of hungover stag feel part of the family.

Portions are very good which makes this place excellent value for money and serve all the stuff you love including full English’s. Times do tend to vary but on a usual day, brunch is served from 9 until mid-day. If you are planning on spending a weekend here then have a look through the best hotels in Newcastle.

📌 5 Station Rd » | Website »

Best Breakfast in Newcastle - Blakes

5. Blakes Newcastle

This café is city centre based which makes it an excellent choice if you want to quickly grab a bite to eat after waking up in your hotel. It’s a cosy independent café that prides itself on delivering amazing service and quality food.

The breakfast (or shall we say brunch) menu is served until 2pm so you depending on how bad the hangover is, you can take your time making your way here. Check out the best breakfast in Brighton too. 

📌 53 Grey St » | Website »

Best Breakfast in Newcastle - The Factory Kitchen

6. The Factory Kitchen

This independent state they have an innovative brunch menu which makes it a top contender for the mornings after the wild stag nights. The rooftop terrace makes it a perfect setting for soaking up the sun and pleasing the eyes while the group tuck into their delicious food.

If it’s a rainy day then the light and airy inside will do just fine. To access the Factory Kitchen, you must go through the Biscuit Factory art gallery first as the café is inside. We also have a list of the best bottomless brunch in Newcastle that may give you some breakfast inspiration.

📌 16 Stoddart St » | Website »

Best Breakfast in Newcastle - Ernest

7. Ernest Café Bar

If you’re craving the best breakfast in Newcastle city centre then Ernest might have the best brunch Newcastle has ever seen. There’s plenty of customisation with extras available on most of their breakfast menu.

You can get your eggs poached, scrambled or fried and you can have them form 10am to 3pm every. single. day. There’re veggie-friendly alternatives too if that sort of thing tickles your fancy.

📌 1 Boyd St » | Website »

Best Breakfast in Newcastle - The Staiths Café

8. The Staiths Café

Have your brekkie down beside the River Tyne early in the morning with the lads. Recover from your gloomy hangover troubles with a huge full English breakfast or omelette and see your worries magically vanish.

The short but sweet breakfast menu runs from early in the morning to 4pm so there’s a massive window of opportunity to cure your hangover you can’t miss! It’s a bit of a trek from the city centre so other options may be more viable, but its still great food. Have a browse through all the best restaurants in Newcastle.

📌 1 Autumn Dr » | Website »

Best Breakfast in Newcastle - Les Petits Choux

9. Les Petits Choux

This family run café is owned by a mum and her two daughters who take pride in delivering hand-made goodness using fresh quality ingredients. There’s amazing scones, cakes, croissants and flatbreads for sale if you fancy something light.

Unfortunately, they don’t do full English but the breakfast menu that they do have runs all day long. Very much worth a consider supporting this rapidly growing family business! Make sure to have a look at all the best pubs in Newcastle during your stay.

📌 11 Leazes Cr » | Website »

Best Breakfast in Newcastle - The Hudson

10. The Hudson

Winners of the Dinner’s Choice Awards in 2019, The Hudson is evidently a big deal to the local Geordies and now we know why. The breakfast menu alone is long and mouth watering with a whole section dedicated to just eggs.

If you want a bit of style and class surrounding you when you eat then this is the place to be. Oh, we almost forgot to mention there’s a bottomless brunch with all your favourites readily available to munch. Speaking of delicious food, we also have a list of the best vegan restaurants in Newcastle.

📌 Neville St » | Website »

Best Breakfast in Newcastle - Bagel Factory

11. Bagel Factory

Found inside the Intu Eldon Square shopping centre, Bagel Factory Newcastle makes for a brilliant place to stop off for a bite to eat in the morning!

Opening up at 9am, this chain serves up some of the best bagels in the city to-go, as well as a great variety of sandwiches and savoury treats to take away too.

Although this place does have tables inside where you can get sat down and enjoy your food, Bagel Factory is best for those that are looking for a fuss-free bite to eat on the go.

📌 Eldon Square » | Website »

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