Dirty Dancing Dance Class Hen Party in Newcastle

Dirty Dancing Theme Hen Party Newcastle
  • Dirty Dancing Theme Hen Party Newcastle
  • Dirty Dancing Hen Party
  • Dirty Dancing Theme Hen Party
  • £26.00

Activity Details

  • Fun dirty dancing routine
  • City centre private venues
  • Experienced dance instructor
  • Spectators are free

Do you love Dirty Dancing? Do you love dancing with the girls on a night out? Why not step it up with a Dirty Dancing hen party in Newcastle and put two things you love together. Learn all the key moves and rehearse them throughout the class and in the blink of an eye, you’ll be able to piece together a fun dirty dance routine. The Dirty Dancing hen party is always conveniently held at a private city centre venue lasting 90 minutes and even the worst dancers in your group would have a smashing time! You’ll be swaying and shimmying just like they do in the movie with laughs and smiles all the way through.

What’s Included

  • You love the film, you know the songs, now learn the moves from Dirty Dancing
  • Learn a fun dance routine
  • Nice fun warm up
  • Instruction from an experienced dance instructor
  • Learn some basic moves from the film
  • Rehearse the dance moves as you go
  • Then put all the moves together to a medley of tracks ‘Do You Love Me’ ‘The Time of Your Life’
  • Private room in a city centre venue
  • Spectators are free of charge

Before you learn a full dance routine from the popular Dirty Dancing classic, you will start with a fun warm up with instruction from an experienced dance teacher. On your Dirty Dancing journey, you will pick up all the essential moves along the way and eventually you will put together your very own full dance routine. Learn the iconic moves in the film such as the lifts, spins, footwork and of course the super dip! If one of your fellow hens doesn’t fancy getting down and dirty, then they can always spectate for free so no one will ever feel left out at any time.

Extra Info:

  • Gym wear, trainers / pumps       
  • Dress up in big skirts, kitten heels, Baby’s blue cardigan!

You can dress up for the part with kitten heels and big frilly skirts straight out of the 1987 classic or simply wear gym wear, its whatever you fancy, remember this party is all about you! If you love the film and know the songs, now it’s time to learn the moves regardless of how well you perform, you’re guaranteed to have laughs left, right and centre. Once you and the girls smash it, put all of what you have learnt to a medley of tracks from the Dirty Dancing film like ‘The Time of Your Life’. Who knows, if you really smash it you could try and perform it with the groom at the wedding if they have an idea of what they’re doing as part of your first dance.


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