Hen Party Fancy Dress Do's and Don'ts

Hen Party Fancy Dress Do's & Don'ts

Is your group choosing to have a fancy dress hen party to make it that little bit more exciting and fun?

If so, there are definitely a few dos and don’ts you need to consider before hitting the town. Fancy dress is like marmite; you either love the idea or hate it. But we can make sure that your fancy dress experience goes exactly as it should by doing all the research to make the hen weekend successful.  Here is our list of 10 dos & don’ts for hen party fancy dress to help you out.

DO: Be Creative

When it comes to fancy dress, always think outside the box. It’ll be fun for everyone to come together and brainstorm some new and original ideas even if it is the silliest thing you’ve heard of, embrace the attention! Make sure you take everyone’s ideas into consi­­dera­­tion and try to choose a theme that everyone feels comfortable wearing.

If you’re having a creative block and can’t seem to think of any original ideas, here are a few fancy dress ideas you might find helpful (We also have a list of hen party themes that you may enjoy):

  • Tutu Disney Princesses
  • Air hostess
  • Spice Girls
  • Playboy Bunnies

DO: Commit

If you’re dressing up as part of a group, make sure everyone commits to their role. There is nothing worse than being the odd one out. Rocking up to a party dressed as an army cadet and the rest of the group dressed as police offers will not only look strange, but could also cause upset. No one wants to stick out like a sore thumb! Going out in a matching theme like vintage will make a big impact and attract the right attention to your group and ultimately the bride to be.

DO: Use Charity shops (Upcycle)

If you’re dressing up on a budget, then look no further than your local charity shop. You may not think it’s the most glamourous idea but charity shops can be very useful. They can surprise you with many hidden gems that may be the answer to transforming you into your chosen character. Charity shops are always full of vintage style clothing, so if you’re thinking of becoming a 60’s hippie or an 80’s rock star then these places are ideal.

DO: Think About What Plans You Have Whilst in Fancy Dress

Before you have even decided on your chosen fancy dress it’s important that you are fully aware of what plans you have for whilst you’re in your fancy dress. The last thing you want is to be awkwardly dressed up and you have a spa pamper day planned. It’s always a great idea to wait and enjoy the hen party fancy dress when you’re heading out for the all-important hen night out.

DO: DIY Where You Can

Nobody wants to spend £100+ on a fancy dress outfit right? Especially when it is overall just for a bit of fun, and you probably won’t be wearing it again. So we highly suggest that you DIY where you can as much as you can. Whether it is making your own outfit or just creating your own prop or accessory to go with your outfit. It is always a great way to make sure it is unique compared to other outfits you have seen in the past.

DON'T: Offend Others

Our main DON’T in our dos & don’ts for hen party fancy dress is offensive costumes. It may sound obvious to everyone when it comes to choosing a theme but make sure you think about it properly before making a final decision. Racial stereotype costumes are never acceptable. The wrong choice can attract unwanted attention which would potentially ruin the night, when really you want to keep spirits high. So we strongly advise you to make sensible decisions.

DON'T: Leave it Last Minute

Leaving it last minute can often end you up with a terrible costume. Although, we do realise that sometimes you can simply just be too busy but bad planning can come at a cost. By thinking of a theme in advance allows everyone to come up with original ideas and can be a fantastic, memorable experience.

DON'T: Wear Something That Could Cause Wardrobe Malfunctions

Make sure your fancy dress outfit is comfortable, you can easily move about and you won’t end up in a situation that no hen wants to be in! The last thing you want is to be dancing the night away and then accidently a part of your outfit rips in an awkward place…Not only will it ruin the night but it could also be pretty embarrassing depending on exactly how many drinks you’ve had.

DON'T: Leave Coloured Contacts In

Over the past few years coloured contacts have been a pretty important aspect of any type of fancy dress. Although they are effective and something that most people use, it is important that you don’t leave coloured contacts in for a long period of time, or to sleep in. If you are wearing them and heading out on the girl’s night out, you will have to make sure that taking them out is one of the priorities when you get in that night.

DON'T: Don’t Lose Your Fellow Hens

Our final addition to our dos & don’ts for hen party fancy dress list is to stick together. On a night out things can get a bit wild after one to many drinks, so make sure you stick together as a group to avoid any upsets or accidents. No one likes to feel left out or getting lost so using temporary tattoo’s is a great idea. They include helpful yet quirky information that may get you back safe and sound. By following our list of dos & don’ts for hen party fancy dress will keep the bride to be elevated, everyone on top form and the laughter flowing!

Hen Party Fancy Dress Do's & Don'ts

By choosing the perfect fancy dress, your hen party will be unique, sensational and have people talking about it for weeks. If you need help with anything relating to hen parties, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our party planners on 0161 341 0052.

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