10 Unique Team Activities

10 Unusual Team Building Activities

If you are looking to make your team building event one to remember, then including an unusual team building activity into the mix will do just that and more.

Unique team building events are on the rise and becoming more popular day by day. Including unusual activities into your away day ensures that your colleagues don’t find themselves feeling bored, but instead they are all getting involved and bonding with their colleagues in a fun and unique way. Maybe some virtual team building activities are more suitable for your remote workers, like our virtual escape rooms for large groups!

Energisers are a great way of keeping moral high, making them mutually beneficial for the employer and employees.

What Are the Most Unusual Team Building Activities?

CSI Crime Scene Investigation Team Building

1. Crime Scene Investigation

See if your staff have got what it takes to successfully solve a heinous crime scene with the thrilling crime scene investigation team building activity. Created by a senior ex Scotland Yard detective, this challenging three hour activity will see you and your colleagues attempting to solve a realistic crime scene using genuine forensic equipment and materials whilst dressed in white body suits, masks and gloves. Test your skills with fingerprint removal, blood splatter analysis and FBI photo fits, learning and using valuable skills along the way.

Soap Box Derby Team Building

2. Soap Box Derby

Get your colleagues hysterically laughing for the duration of the day with the soap box derby team building activity. You and your colleagues will split into groups and battle it out as you design, construct and race your very own soap box vehicle on a giant inflatable race track. This unique team building activity includes pit stop gazebos, blueprints and materials along with medals for the winning group! Not to forget the professional host and event manager to ensure everything runs smoothly for your soap box racing.

The Trading Floor Team Building

3. The Trading Floor

Test your skills in stock exchange with the intensely thrilling and competitive trading floor team building activity. You and your colleagues will split into groups and assign roles to one another which are swapped throughout the activity. Buy shares low and sell high as you build a company portfolio as you attempt to be the most successful. A trade compere will be on hand to keep energy levels high and reward the winners with a prize to round off at the end of the day.

Animate Team Building

4. Animate

Encourage creativity and collaboration amongst your staff with this fantastic activity. The Animate team building activity will allow you to use professional iPad technology to create their own stop motion animation using various objects whilst in groups at their assigned animation studio. A professional host and handy crew will be around to teach the basics and dish out useful tips and tricks along the way to ensure everyone is having a great time. Personalise the experience by including company values into the animations, with the best animation earning awards at the end.

The Detective Team Building

5. The Detective

Become detectives for the day with this unusual team building activity, as you and your colleagues attempt to solve the case of a missing golden bullion from a dead man’s office. During The Detective team building, you will need to work from the point of view of a Scotland Yard Detective and use modern forensic techniques and FBI software to help you get to the bottom of the crime. Perfect for promoting valuable skills such as leadership, collaboration and problem solving, all whilst providing your team with an enjoyable and unusual experience.

Hostage Kidnap Team Building

6. Hostage Kidnap

Hosted by a Scotland Yard Detective, this hostage kidnap team building activity is truly unusual but completely fun and enjoyable. You will get to delve into the world of crime and find yourselves with the task to hunt down your kidnapped CEO before its too late. Learn genuine surveillance and negotiation skills from the host, as you meet up with police informers, extract information, pay cash ransoms, examine items and decipher clues with the hopes to track down the CEO. This activity is great at encouraging skills such as communication and leadership and keeping your colleagues on their toes from start to finish.

Ready Steady Bake Team Building

7. Ready Steady Bake

Based around the hit show GBBO, this ready steady bake team building experience will put your colleagues baking skills to the ultimate test. Competing in groups, you will be tasked with three baking challenges which require you to cook up some delicious treats. Each will be assigned their own baking station, prepped with all the equipment and ingredients they need to get baking. An expert chef will be on hand to whip up some tips and tricks, before you present your treats to the judges and receive praise or criticism as you find out who the best bakers are!

Generation Game Team Building

8. Generation Game

Taking inspiration from a variety of retro game shows, Generation Game team building is the perfect fast paced and all-encompassing activity for those who want to laugh from start to finish. A comical game host will run through 20 energetic activities which can last anywhere between 2 and 20 minutes, and ensure the atmosphere stays fun but equally as competitive. Gain points by completing tasks as quickly as possible and secure your place in the conveyor belt finale to be in with the chance to win the medals.

The Ultimate Treasure Hunt Team Building

9. The Ultimate Treasure Hunt

Explore a city of your choice in a unique and wonderful way with this activity. Using the latest app technology in the ultimate treasure hunt team building, you will go head to head in groups as you unlock hotspots, complete challenges and trivia to earn points and push you up the live leaderboard. It is key to use skills such as collaborations and communication to be successful, with GPS trackers and live score boards to keep things extra competitive. Not many events get you exploring a city centre, making this a one of a kind unusual team building activity.

Commercial Teambreak Team Building

10. Commercial Teambreak

Use your imagination and get creative with the commercial teambreak team building, which will definitely make your event an unusual one. After receiving a brief, you will get creating a funny TV commercial using digital video cameras, tripods, tape, props and much more to do so. A list of words will be given to each group which they need to include into their commercial, no matter how unusual they may be. Each commercial will be shown to judges who will ultimately pick the winners.

We have hundreds of amazing team building activities and ideas that will be perfect for you and your team. Check out our treasure hunts and socially distanced team events here.

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