Manchester Events to Know About

Manchester Events to Know About

Before visiting a bustling city like Manchester, its best to find out what’s happening so you don’t miss out on any of the great events on offer.

Manchester is known for being a vibrant and buzzing city, with lively citizens and an amazing atmosphere to go along with it. There’s always something to do there, not to mention heaps of greats events happening all year round. We’ve put together a list of the 10 best events in Manchester to ensure that you don’t miss out on anything.

What are the 10 Best Events in Manchester?

Manchester Events to Know About - Manchester International Festival

1. Manchester International Festival 

If you are in the creative industry or appreciate art backgrounds, you will more than likely know how difficult it is to get your work out there and feel appreciated. Well, the Manchester International Festival does just that. Each year in July, MIF bring together artists from all over the world together and give them a stage on which they can showcase their work. From galleries, theatres, concert halls, churches to car parks, this charity can put on a show almost anywhere. So, gather your friends and family together and head to Manchester, as you learn, appreciate and admire art in all forms.

Manchester Events to Know About - Manchester Pride Festival

2. Manchester Pride Festival  

One of the leading LGBT+ charities in the UK, Manchester Pride came together with the people of Manchester to create the Manchester Pride Festival. The festival campaigns the advancement of LGBT+ equality, celebrates the life of those within the community and fights against discrimination such as homophobia, biphobia and transphobia. The festival itself is thrown every year and takes place in the Canal Street and Mayfield area, with the parade travelling all the way through the city centre. Thousands flood to Manchester to attend the festival, with its bright colours, pumping music and amazing drinks, to show their support and of course share great memories with those around them.

Manchester Events to Know About - Manchester Food & Drink Festival

3. Manchester Food & Drink Festival  

If you are a foodie or appreciate a tasty drink, then the Manchester Food & Drink Festival will be right up your street! Since 1998, this festival has taken over a variety of venues within Manchester and tantalised plenty taste buds ever since, with the initial aim to show the world that there is more to the city than meat pies and gravy! This festival is both exciting and influential, with big names such as Gordon Ramsay and Jamie Oliver previously being involved and sharing their praise for the cause. Upon arrival you’ll be blown away with the number of stalls open for you to visit, serving up tasty dishes all day long, from street food to traditional dishes, there’s something for everyone to try!

Manchester Events to Know About - Parklife Festival

4. Parklife Festival   

Make your way to Heaton Park and dance into the night at Parklife Festival. This independent music festival is held annually and attracts thousands of partygoers every single time. You don’t have to worry about the dread of lugging camping gear as it’s a non-camping festival and lasts for two days, meaning you can spend all your time dancing, drinking and having fun without feeling like you haven’t had time to rest. The artist line up never fails to impress, with huge names such as Disclosure, Snoop Dogg, Sam Smith and Wu-Tang Clan have previously headlined on one of the many stages.

Manchester Events to Know About - HOME

5. HOME  

Since their opening, HOME have attracted millions who have been thrilled to witness their amazing theatre and dance shows, independent films and art galleries. Everyone is welcome here to discover new art, experiences and stories not only from Manchester but from all over the world. So, if you want to broaden your creative knowledge, or take some down time away from the bustling streets of the city, this is a perfect place to do so. You can even sit back and relax in the café and take a browse in their bookshop before or after your visit.

Manchester Events to Know About - FriendsFest

6. FriendsFest   

We are all guilty of binge watching the hit show Friends at some point, which is why FriendsFest has been such a hit within Manchester! This festival allows those who attend to immerse themselves into the world of the 6 best friends as you visit the sets of featured apartments, and of course the famous Central Perk. You even get to feast your eyes upon props used in the show and be treated to multiple photo ops during the tours featuring fan favourite moments from the hit series. This is the perfect treat for a super fan, or for those who want an insight of the behind the scenes of the film industry.


Manchester Events to Know About - Manchester Christmas Markets

7. Manchester Christmas Markets  

One of the biggest and best Christmas markets in the country, Manchester Christmas Markets are bound to get anyone in the festive mood. With more than 300 stalls and chalets spread across the city in 9 different locations you can easily spend an entire day making your way around the market, soaking up the amazing atmosphere and giving the giant light up Santa Claus a wave hello. The stalls offer a variety of items, ranging from gifts, jewellery, toys, clothes and gifts, not to forget plenty festive foods and drinks. There’s something for everyone, with vegan and vegetarian options available on the stalls!

Manchester Events to Know About - O2 Apollo

8. O2 Apollo  

Fancy going to see a concert whilst you’re in Manchester? Then the O2 Apollo is a great place to do so. If you are wondering what artists have previously performed here there’s big names such as Lewis Capaldi, The 1975 and Adele, not to forget great comedians such as Jimmy Carr and Russell Brand. There’s always events on here, nearly every day of the year so it would be a shame to miss out on such a great opportunity. The venue itself is seated over two floors and can hold up to 2,693 people, with the ability to turn the bottom floor into a standing area, perfect for concerts where people will dance.

Manchester Events to Know About - The Bottomless Cinema

9. The Bottomless Cinema   

We all love going to the cinema to watch a film every now and again, and typically find ourselves running out of snacks before the film even starts! The Bottomless Cinema stops that from happening and provides you with the ultimate cinema experience. You get to sit back and watch your favourite films such as Grease and Harry Potter with the bonus of unlimited popcorn and drinks (even alcoholic ones!) throughout the film. There’s even the chance to attend a sing along session, where you and the rest of the room can sing along to hit songs in the films!

Manchester Events to Know About - Oktoberfest

10. Oktoberfest   

Experience Bavarian culture for the day without the fuss of travelling by attending Oktoberfest whilst you’re in Manchester. This annual festival is one of the biggest and booziest events of the year, where huge tents are set up containing lengths of tables where you can sit and knock back a pint (or ten) of delicious beer and dress up in your best Bavarian gear. This is perfect for the beer lovers in the area and all over the country, attracting thousands every year. To top things off, there’s always live music to keep the atmosphere lively and entertaining from start to finish.

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