Goggle Football Team Building in Cambridge

Goggle Football
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  • Goggle Football
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Activity Details

  • Crazy binocular football goggles
  • Football bibs and headbands
  • Event co-ordinator
  • Challenges and 5 a-side

This hilarious goggle football team building in Cambridge event is a completely bonkers way to enjoy a 5 a side game of football with your team. Imagine your standard game of football with one small difference, you are wearing vision impairing goggles. And trust us whether you are just watching or taking part you will be in hysterics as you watch everybody kick the air, trip over the ball and run into each other. It is for sure a great way to make sure everybody bonds as a team and breaks the ice between employees.

What’s Included

  • Crazy football activity
  • Challenges and games
  • Goggle football binoculars
  • Many mini games
  • Bibs & Footballs
  • Event co-ordinator
  • Venue hire included

A hilarious activity that will definitely get everybody out of their comfort zones, you will first take part in some games to help get your bearings and then you and your team will be thrown straight into the deep end with a good old game of 5 a side. You will get all of the equipment on the day so there is no need to bring any bibs, footballs or goggle football binoculars. It is brilliant fun and laughter for everybody whether you are a football fanatic or not and it will definitely be a treat that your team will remember.


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