Virtual Cocktail Making Team Building

Virtual Cocktail Making
  • Virtual Cocktail Making
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  • Virtual Cocktail Making Team Building

Activity Details

  • Highly interactive class
  • Cocktail boxes delivered to your door
  • Alcohol, ingredients & glassware
  • Professional mixologist

How Does a Virtual Cocktail Masterclass Work?

It’s a really simple process using video confe­rencing. We will deliver cocktail boxes to all your guests prior to the online event date direct to their front door. The guests unpack the box which is full of the alcohol, ingredients, and equipment to make cocktails. Via Zoom, Microsoft team or any other platform our professional mixologist will show all the guests how to make 4 cocktails, play some games and keep it interactive. We have an online manager (not the host) who will mute and unmute people as they wave to the camera and spotlight people when they are presenting their finished cocktail to the group.

What’s Included

  • Highly interactive virtual cocktail masterclass
  • 90 minute duration
  • Professional mixologist to host
  • Plus, an online event manager to ensure everything runs smoothly
  • We deliver all the kit and ingredients in boxes directly to everyone’s doors
  • You just need to provide the ice
  • Learn to make 4 cocktails
  • Choose 4 from a list of cocktails prior to the event
  • Boxes include a cocktail shaker & measure, all alcohol & ingredients, garnishes etc
  • Games played throughout
  • Plus, a garnishing competition– Winner receives a prize posted out to them
  • Held on Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Webex or other similar online conference platforms

Will the remote cocktail making class be fun?

Absolutely! This virtual cocktail class is much more informal than a lot of our other virtual team building activities. One of the big perks of virtual cocktail making is that each person will have a physical task to do with tasty results. Plus when the masterclass is over you can choose whether to stay online for more drinks/­games. Your host will constantly make sure the event is high energy and everyone feels involved in the fun.

How many people can participate in a virtual cocktail making class?

The virtual cocktail masterclass is really flexible and can have anywhere between 10 and 250 participants remotely. This means teams of all sizes can enjoy the online experience and the quality of the event still stays the same!

Where is the virtual cocktail masterclass available?

The beauty of virtual team building is that it’s available everywhere! As everyone will be linking up via a video conferencing software, you can invite colleagues nationally and inter­nati­onally to join in.

What is the duration of a virtual cocktail masterclass?

All of our virtual cocktail master­classes are 90-minute sessions and your expert mixologist will be available throughout.­

Can I choose my own cocktails?

We have created a selection of 4 cocktails that everyone will be able to do and also are fun to make. This way you keep a sense of togetherness and it means our mixologist can show you how to make each cocktail from scratch.

  • Pornstar martini - (garnish lemon) - vodka based
  • Espresso martini - (garnish coffee beans) - vodka based
  • Rhubarb Cosmo - (garnish orange) - gin based
  • Margarita - (garnish, salt rim) - tequila based

We can offer festive cocktails for Christmas parties to get everyone in the mood for when santa arrives!

  • Snow Hito - garnished with mini marshmallows
  • Festive pornstar - garnished with candy cane
  • Cinnamon Candy - garnish with cinnamon dust
  • White chocolate dusted Espresso Martini - garnished with mini white chocolate bar

How many cocktails will everyone learn to make in the class?

Your cocktail box will include ingredients to make four different cocktails. Each person will learn to make all four cocktails while on the live event.

When should we book a virtual cocktail making class?

Most of our groups are booking on a Friday around 3pm.  We initially thought that most businesses would want to run the classes in the evening, however late afternoon or early evening are proving popular.

What is included in the cocktail boxes?

Each box includes the full mixology kit you need to complete the virtual cocktail masterclass and make 4 delicious drinks. In the box you’ll find; a cocktail shaker, measure, recipe alcohol, ingredients and garnishes.

Are the cocktail boxes delivered to everyone’s direct home address?

To make things easy and safe we’ll deliver everything to your the guests address. Before the event, you’ll receive a document to fill in each participants address details. Send it back to us and we’ll do the rest.


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