While You Are There

While You're There

Some essential and helpful information for when your group arrive at your destination.

Check the Weather

Always check the weather whilst in a destination you’re not familiar with.  Some of our locations are occasionally affected by adverse weather conditions, e.g. floods, hurricanes. Due to their unpre­dic­ta­bility, they are a force majeure event and we shall not be liable for any changes to your event arrangements, either before arriving or during your visit, which in our or supplier’s judgement are necessary to ensure your safety.  It's essential you have travel insurance in place for all your travel experiences, whether that’s Overseas or in the UK.

Accommodation Check-in / Check-Out Information

Remember to check your itinerary in your My Events area on our website as this will outline your times.  If you arrive earlier than the stated check in time some hotels may have luggage rooms to store your bags or have one room ready so everyone can use that room for storage.

Staying Safe

We all love a good time, but don't forget your personal safety. If everyone is accountable for themselves and watch out for one another as an extra precaution, you can focus on having a fun trip abroad. Here are a few quick tips for safety while you’re there:

  • Booze & Balconies Don’t Mix
  • Keep all your precious belongings in a safe in your accommodation, DON’T take them out with you
  • Keep your phone/money in a secure place while you’re out and about, especially at night
  • Don’t go swimming in a pool/the sea after consuming alcohol
  • Make sure you have your accommodation address in case you get separated from the group
  • Find out the local laws/etiquette for dress codes especially in nightclubs

The Right Attitude to Alcohol

This is our number one tip, not because it’s more important than the others but because it's relevant to the type of events we organise. If you're planning to have a few (or a lot) of cocktails while you’re there, having the right attitude to alcohol while on your enjoying your trip abroad is vital to having fun without any casualties.

Everything in Moderation

If you’re jetting off for a short trip, the last thing you want is to have absolutely no memory of the nightlife and a heavy hangover the next morning. Drinking too much too fast can also run the risk of getting alcohol poisoning, which is even more of a risk when you’re somewhere unknown. Hospital bills abroad can be pricey (especially if you don’t have insurance), and you’ll be missing out.

Stay Hydrated

Even the most responsible amongst us forget to have a glass of water every once in a while. Staying hydrated in the sunny regions of Europe is extremely important when you’re out in the sun all day. Add a lot of alcohol on top of that and you’re more at risk of being dehydrated which can lead to sun or heat stroke too. Our motto? For every alcoholic drink, have a glass of water in between so you don’t have to worry!

Line Your Stomachs

Forget about fitting into your planned outfits, eating is important! Don’t skip meals for fear that you might not look your best, because lack of sustenance will mean you definitely won’t look your best halfway through the night when you’re starving. Eat meals at normal times and don’t forget to line your stomachs before you plan to consume a lot of alcohol.

Respect the Laws

We always suggest to people that they research a little about drinking laws in the country they’re visiting. Across Europe the tolerance for alcohol and drunk tourists definitely varies, so it doesn’t hurt to get educated before you travel. Not only laws, but the local etiquette is also important so you can let go of your worries and focus on having a good time without frowns from the locals.

Drink Spiking

Unfortunately, drink spiking is still a prevalent issue in a lot of countries around the world, especially party islands and destinations. There’s a few safety precautions you can take to make sure you’re teetering on the safe side. Firstly, avoid open cups and placing your drink down whenever possible! Bottled drinks that you can hold are much better, and if you’re drink is with you then your chances of being spiked will decrease tenfold.