Booze & Balconies Don’t Mix

We are an ABTA credited member, so we wanted to share this will all groups planning a trip away either on a stag do, hen party or group weekend away. Most groups enjoy a drink or two whilst away on holiday, but take 5 mins to have a quick read on why booze & balconies don't mix.

Stay safe people!

Booze & Balconies Don't Mix (JPG)

ABTA says

"Your balcony is there for relaxing on. It’s not a shortcut to your friend’s room or a diving board to a pool. Some holidaymakers die or are severely injured every year as a result of inappropriate behaviour on balconies, often after having a few drinks. Please use your balcony sensibly and also keep an eye out for friends who may be the worse for wear!"

  • Never lean over, sit or climb on the balcony walls or railings
  • Don’t try to pass items to someone on another balcony
  • Don’t climb from one balcony to another
  • Never stand on balcony furniture
  • Never jump into the pool from your balcony
  • Take extra care on balconies after drinking alcohol as your judgement may be affected.