5 Team Building Activities for Small Groups

5 Team Building Activities for Small Groups

Are you a small team looking for the perfect activity? Then check out some of our best and most popular options below for help and inspiration for your next activities day.

When it comes to finding the right team building days event, it can be difficult to determine what will be the best in terms of outcome for you and your staff. If you’re a small group and you’re looking for something that will keep everybody engaged, having fun and developing their soft skills, then take a look at some of the fantastic collaborative workshops we have to offer.  There is also a range of virtual team building activities that you also review as options which are more cost effective as they run remotely.

1. Pizza Making

If you’re looking for something outside of the normal working environment that brings an element of creativity to your day, then treat everybody to a fun and completely out-of-the-ordinary pizza making class!

Hosted at a city centre restaurant, you will be met by a pizzaiolo chef who will walk you through the entire process. From tossing the dough to choosing your delicious toppings, this activity includes a range of fun games throughout the class and includes a welcome glass of prosecco each and some garlic bread/balls to enjoy.

Once the pizzas have been baked to perfection, they will be served up to your table for you to try! All-in-all, this engaging event is a sure-fire way to get everybody chatting and having a laugh. Not only is it an ideal way to break the ice with a new set of colleagues but also works well as a fun treat away from the office, especially after a busy period.

The Ultimate Treasure Hunt

2. The Ultimate Treasure Hunt

Bring an element of adventure to your day and take your staff out into the city centre to explore hotspots, answer trivia questions and complete wacky challenges with the ultimate treasure hunt team building activity. After splitting into groups, each group will receive a tablet with the bespoke app pre-loaded onto the device.

Combining all the best bits from the most popular smartphone treasure hunts we have to offer, the activities that can come up on this challenge can vary greatly! Whether it’s re-creating some of the most legendary moments in sport history or solving cryptic clues with a spy school challenge, each of you will need to complete challenges successfully in order to score points.

You can keep track of each other’s locations using the GPS map and can see each other’s scores with the live scoreboard, all compiled into one easy-to-use app. This is a team building activity for small groups of all ages and abilities and lets everybody get involved equally.

3. Stop the Clocks

A day that consists of a variety of challenges and games that everybody can get stuck into, the stop the clocks team building event is ideal for those that are looking for a more relaxed day that still focuses on developing excellent collaborative and problem-solving skills, consisting of physical, mental and skill-based challenges.

Each collective will be assigned a coloured clock at the start of the activity, set an equal distance away from each other. After completing each challenge, one member of each group must sprint to their respecitve clock to stop the timer before the instructor checks the answers. Those of you who complete challenges in the fastest time will earn the highest points, adding the pressure of time-keeping to the event as well. We also have some great 5 minute team building activities for you to add into your day.

Soap Box Derby

4. Soap Box Derby

Ever wanted to build your own racing kart? Well now you can with your colleagues by hosting a soap box derby team building event for your next corporate activities day! A creative challenge with a little bit of healthy competition, this fully managed event includes all the materials and blueprints needed to build your very own soap box vehicle.

After each group has designed, built and tested their karts, each of you will elect a designated driver and pusher before taking on the final race to determine who will take home the winners medals. This is a geat idea that are looking for a fully managed event that includes an activity compere to make sure everything goes according to plan and comes straight out of the box, meaning that the only thing you need to bring on the day is yourselves. 

5. Crime Scene Investigation

Do you like the idea of stepping into the shoes of a Scotland Yard detective for a day? If so, then see if you have what it takes to solve a terrible murder case in the crime scene investigation team building event. This unbelievably immersive experience created and hosted by former Scotland Yard detectives, you will all be briefed on the crime details before zipping up your body suits and putting your gloves and masks on before examining the evidence.

This activity comes complete with all the authentic equipment you will need to get to the bottom of the case, taking on a variety of forensic challenges throughout the day like uncovering fingerprints using magnetic dust, constructing photo-fits of the culprit using FBI software and analysing blood splatter and bullet casings to name a few. With all this considered, this is a fantastic activity as it focuses heavily on communication and how you work together under pressure. This is also featured in our unusual team building activities.

If you need a little extra help planning your team building activities, we can offer over 100 different workshops to fit any type of workforce. From competitive to collaborative and creative, we've got lots of ideas that will elevate your away day to the next level.

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