Dress Codes for Parties

Dress Codes for Parties

Do you have a big celebration coming up but have absolutely no idea what to wear?

Deciding on what to wear for a works party is something many of us have dwelled on in the past - You receive the invitation and everything looks good… but hold on a second... “there’s a dress code?”. If you’ve found yourself at this point, don’t panic! Let’s dive into some of the most common dress codes for parties and what you should wear for each of them. After all, being experts in team building and corporate events, we know a thing or two when it comes to work parties!

Smart Casual

Probably one of the easiest party dress codes to get right, smart casual is exactly what is says on the tin - a cross between smart and casual clothing. 

Men - For men, think of what you would typically wear on a date - Jeans, smart shoes, a shirt and a long-sleeve jumper will tick all the boxes. You’re best avoiding trainers and hoodies for this kind of dress code.

Women - For women, this dress code is a slight upgrade on the typical weekend wear - Think jeans with flat shoes paired with a smart blouse or blazer. Similar to the men, it’s best to avoid anything too casual, so trainers are unfortunately a no-no for this party dress code.

Dress Codes for Parties - Smart Casual

Dress Codes for Parties - Business Attire

Business Attire

Similar to what you would wear to an important meeting or work event, business attire is your typically “smart” dress code that’s relatively easy to get right.

Men - For men, opting for a black tie, white shirt and a smart blazer or jumper over the top is a great way to go. For footwear, think smart leather shoes either in plain colours such as brown or black.

Women - For women, dresses and smart skirts are perfect for this party dress code. The length is up to you, but opting for classic colours like red or black is a great idea.

Cocktail Dress Code

This party dress code is all about glitz and glamour. Similar to black tie, this is a more formal dress code but still allows a little bit of room for variety.

Men - For men, timeless and classy is what you should be aiming for. For this dress code, a dark-coloured suit that’s both well-fitted and paired with a smart tie is a winner, along with shiny shoes!

Women - For women, this party dress code is the perfect opportunity to rock a classic LBD (little black dress). Other dresses are also great, providing that the hemline sits around your fingertips when your arms are by your side.

Dress Codes for Parties - Cocktail

Dress Codes for Parties - Black Tie Optional

Black Tie Optional

A more casual variation of “formal”. This party dress code is somewhere between business attire and cocktail.

Men - For men, opting for a tuxedo or a dark-coloured suit is the way to go for this party dress code. It’s also best to avoid grey, blue and other stand-out colours.

Women - For women, this dress code is relatively easy to follow - Opting for an ankle-length or cocktail dress will be more than enough!

Christmas Party Dress Code

Probably the most-anticipated of work celebrations, the party dress code for festive and Christmas parties is all about mixing classy with loud and festive colours.

Men - For men, a dark-coloured suit paired with a Christmassy tie is a great combination to go for. You could even push the boat out and look at choosing a wool suit over the usual cotton or polyester.

Women - For women, this party dress code can be quite similar to a cocktail dress code, but glitter and sparkles are a good option for this one! Matching this with some eye shadow and a curled hairstyle is a brilliant idea to consider.

Dress Codes for Parties - Festive & Christmas

Dress Codes for Parties - Summer & Garden Parties

Summer and Garden Party Dress Code

Men - For men, a floral short-sleeve shirt paired with jeans, chinos or shorts is a sure-fire way to get this party dress code right. Match that with some pumps or flat trainers and you’re good to go!

Women - For women, a floral dress with flats is a great way to go for this party dress code. Although you can always opt for something more casual like a blouse and shorts, we highly recommend avoiding heels for summer and garden parties if the event is being held on a field. The last thing you would want is for them to get stuck in the mud!

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