Adult Team Building Activities

Don’t be fooled into thinking all team building activities are boring trust exercises. Team Building can be a terrificTeam Building Activities for Adults treat for a hardworking team and highly effective at improving a variety of core work skills, leading to happier and more productive employees. Read on for a few of our favourite team building activities for adults…

The Crystal Maze is based on the popular nineties game show of the same name, pitting your team against a series of physical, mental and skill based challenges. The activities are fun, engaging and will test and develop a range of your employee’s skills including problem solving, commu­nica­tion and more. Get the game show experience with The Crystal Maze team building activity!

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Explore a city of your choice, develop your team skills and enjoy a few drinks along the way with the Smartphone Pub Treasure Hunt. All you need is a smartphone with the treasure hunt app installed on it. You choose the city and the time you start. Using GPS, the app will guide you around the city, unlocking team based challenges along the way. The challenges include quizzes, taking photos and more. If you want, you can split your group into two and compete for the day. The app has a live leader board so you can see how the other team is doing, and you can even send them messages. The route the app takes you on will have a few pubs along the way, so you can stop and enjoy a few drinks.

Escape Rooms are a fun and exciting team building activity unlike any other. Your team will have to work together to escape a room in just 60 minutes. The rooms may not look like much at first glance but do a little digging and you’ll soon find an array of clues and maybe even a hidden passage way! With creepy and exciting premises, escape rooms are a thrilling team building activity that is great for developing problem solving skills and showcasing the value of team work. Whether you succeed or fail to escape, you’re bound to have a brilliant time.

There’s no rule that team building can’t be both effective and fun, and these team building activities for adults are proof of that. For more info, you can give us a call on 0161 341 0052. Book today and start your journey to becoming a stronger team than ever before!

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