Team Building Activities for Adults

Team Building Activities for Adults

Don’t be fooled into thinking all team building activities are boring trust exercises.

Team Building can be a terrific treat for a hardworking team and highly effective at improving a variety of core work skills, leading to happier and more productive employees. Read on for a few of our favourite team building activities for adult.

If you’re after testing your team building skills, then the Crystal Collection team building event will be perfect. It can be either a half or a full day activity that’s events main focus is to build and encourage teamwork and cooperation within the team. In your teams you will find yourself competing across a variety of games and challenges which are all fun and engaging. It is a great experience with your team that adds some healthy competition.

Smartphone Pub Treasure Hunt

Or if you fancy exploring a city of your choice, the Smartphone Pub Treasure Hunt is the perfect thing for you. develop your team skills and enjoy a few drinks along the way and the best thing about this is, you download the treasure hunt app on your smartphone so you can choice the city and the start time! This event uses GPS technology to guide you all over the city as you unlock challenges along the way. It’s also great if you split up into different teams so that you can compete.

If logic and commu­nica­tion are skills to improve then the Escape Rooms is the perfect activity for a fun and exciting team building event unlike any other. Your team will have to work together to escape a room in just 60 minutes. The rooms may not look like much at first glance but do a little digging and you’ll soon find an array of clues and maybe even a hidden passage way! Whilst developing problem solving, commu­nica­tion and logic skills and showcasing the value of team work.

We offer virtual team building ideas and virtual Christmas party ideas that will be perfect for any team.

Pizza Making

The best kind of team building activities are the ones that involve food right? If that sounds like something you’d be interested in, then the Pizza Making event is for you! Combining an interactive activity with delicious food is probably one of the best ways to get all of the team involved as well as adding an element of fun to a work related event.

There’s no rule that team building activities can’t be effective and fun, and these activities are proof of that. But if you still haven’t found the activity for you then have a browse of the rest of the team building activities that we offer.

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