Stag Do Ideas for Big and Small Groups

Stag Do Ideas for Big and Small Groups

If you’re finding yourself stuck with figuring out how to spend the stag weekend, then keep on reading.

To help you with your decision making, we have come up with the best activities for any type of stag group to get involved with, big or small. These activities are the type that anybody can get involved in without thinking you haven’t got enough of the lads or too many of the lads involved. So take some time out to look through this list and we’re sure you will find the perfect activity for you.

Bubble Football

If you’re football mad you’ll love this crazy carnage football activity. The Bubble Football stag do is an incredibly popular activity that all the lads love. It is mainly due to one main reason, it is so much more than a normal football experience and that is because of the fact you’re inside a huge inflatable bubble suit!

Go Karting

If you and the lads love a fast and furious style activity, then the Go Karting stag do is an obvious addition to your weekend that you shouldn’t question. Full of fun, exhilaration and thrills this activity is the perfect way to get your group involved whether there is loads of you or just a few.


This one is a classic that is perfect for any group of lads. A Paintballing stag do is an activity that can guarantee you a weekend full of fun. No matter what size your group is we know that you will all be having a great day pelting each other with paint.

Clay Pigeon Shooting

Another popular activity is also a classic that any lad would want to get involved with. The Clay Pigeon Shooting stag do is the perfect opportunity for you to fire rounds from a proper deadly weapon as well as testing your aim.

Escape Rooms

Whether your group is big or small you will love the Escape Rooms stag do. It’s the perfect chance to prove yourself by solving puzzles and riddles to make sure you escape in time. And if there is a big group of you then you can use it as a competition!

Football Darts

Football and darts? Sounds perfect to us, the Football Darts stag do is probably one of the best inventions in the whole of stag do activities. What could be better than putting two of the most loved sports together in one great activity.

If after all of this, you haven’t still haven’t figured out what you want to do then why not have a look through all of our stag do activities?


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