Paintballing Full Day Team Event in Nottingham

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Activity Details

  • Competitive Action
  • Masks, overalls and guns
  • Includes 400 paintballs
  • Hot Lunch provided

Head to toe in camouflage, paintballing team building in Nottingham isn’t your normal team building experience. Adding a bit of pain, mud and action to the agenda, paintballing is as good as it sounds and really gets the whole team stuck in, immersed and having a great time. Communication, tactics and teamwork really come into play with this activity which are all good components to have for a team building event. Every shot counts and it’s such a buzz throughout the whole experience, regardless whether you choose to run it for either a half or full day.

What’s Included

  • Learn to use the paintballing guns
  • Lock & load
  • Full day of fun
  • Play many various games
  • All the equipment is provided
  • Included 400 paintballs per person
  • Plus hot lunch and hot drinks
  • Great fun paintballing courses

Before the event blasts off, there’s a safety briefing to ensure everyone knows all the procedures in case there is an injury and how to prevent such injuries from occurring. Within this briefing, you will get to grips with your environment, how the guns work and also the basic rules to follow throughout the activity to make sure you get the best team building experience possible. Paintballing is perfect for small and large groups alike, so if your team is tiny, there will be smaller skirmishes to accommodate you, or if there’s over 50 of you, full-scale war will be unleashed and it will be chaotic in the most fun way possible. With 100 paintballs included with extras available on the day, get ready to lock ‘n load because it’s going to be raining colour!

Playing various game types in a purposely built battle zone, this team building experience is one of the best ways to get outdoors, get a little sweaty and have a good time with your group. Whether you want to play tactically and flank your enemy or be heroic and charge straight into battle, it’s all your choice. You’ve probably heard horror stories of paintball leaving people with huge bruises but don’t let this put you off, this experience is full of action from start to finish and as long as you follow the rules, you’ll have an unforgettable time with just enough fear and thrills to keep you all involved to the fullest of your soldiering abilities!


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