Challenge 100 Team Event in Nottingham

Challenge 100 Team Building

Activity Details

  • Compete in many challenges
  • Mental agility, common sense
  • Scavenger hunt tasks
  • Racing against the clock

Assemble your colleagues, complete the challenges, beat the clock in Challenge 100 team building in Nottingham. Pick who will be in your group and choose wisely as each challenge you complete must cover a broad range of different skillsets if you hope to achieve high scores. Each challenge must be completed as a race against the clock but can be completed in any order you see fit. Aimed to test your mental ability, decision-making and problem-solving skills, this activity is both tense and terrific.

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What’s Included

  • Set out to test mental agility, intelligence and common sense
  • Earn points for your team by taking part in challenges
  • Challenges are worth different points, so teams must choose which to complete first
  • Scavenger hunt tasks will also be set up around the edge of the room
  • Each team is given a red box and a booklet. The booklet contains the list of challenges and the red box has the tools required to complete the tasks
  • When the clock starts, its time to get moving
  • The clock is projected onto a large screen to remind people
  • Team scores are updated and projected onto the screen
  • Every so often a bell will ring, meaning teams must try and complete as many of the scavenger hunt tasks as possible
  • Fully managed event


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