How to Detox Your Meeting and Stress Less

How to Detox Your Meeting and Stress Less

Meetings, the thing people either love or dread in work right?

And we’re sure there is no doubt that you’ve found yourself in a meeting looking to escape, and of course this isn’t very practical nor healthy for anybody involved. It is important that meetings are approached cool and collectively so that it is as stress-free as possible. There are a few ways to go about this but here are a few…

Fresh Air

Fresh air leads to fresh ideas and if that isn’t what you want in a meeting then we don’t know what is. Whether you just want to open up a few windows in the meeting room or take your meeting for a walk, fresh air is an essential addition to your meeting. It can make you more productive, help you de-stress and it can increase your energy and your focus.

Eat Smart

Why not consider bringing lunch into the meeting equation. Create a menu for the people who will be in the meeting, avoid carb heavy meals that are large in size and perhaps opt for more meals that use fresh ingredients. This will energise everyone for the day ahead and help everyone avoid the mid-day slumps after lunch.

Fancy adding some team building activities into your meeting?

Keep it Short

Meetings that overrun or just drag on longer than you thought are never good. Especially when you still haven’t covered everything that you needed to. It is important to keep your meeting agenda very simple and discuss topics in short bursts for no longer than it needs to be. Check out our 5 best corporate away days for your team.

Stay Positive

It is important to keep a positive frame of mind when you’re in a meeting. It is easier to think of the future and avoid any negativity interfering with the meeting. And if you are touching upon what can be improved within the team and the business, if everybody has a positive head then it will encourage them to do better.

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