Foot Darts Team Event in Manchester

Foot Darts
  • Foot Darts
  • Foot Darts Activity
  • Foot Darts Experience

Activity Details

  • Huge dart board
  • Variety of mini games
  • Indoor or outdoor
  • Great energiser activity

Sometimes it can be hard trying to figure out exactly what activity will benefit your employees. If you are after a fun-filled day out with your colleagues, then the Football Darts team building in Manchester will be the perfect activity for you. You will find that with an activity like this your employees will have found a new energy within them which will come out, which is exactly what you want from a bonding event. Especially if it is then used within their work. 

What’s Included

  • Play extreme foot darts
  • Giant dart board
  • Plenty of Velcro footballs
  • Play many mini games
  • Event co-ordinator
  • Prize for the winner
  • Make this a multi-sports day by adding another sports activity – Ask for details


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