Chain Reaction Team Building in Manchester

Chain Reaction
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Rating 5.0 of 5

Activity Details

  • Encourages cooperation
  • Fun & collaborative activity
  • Brings the whole team together
  • Prizes for the winning teams

What’s Included

  • Fully trained instructors will give you a briefing as to how the day will run
  • Teams must work together to build the ultimate chain reaction
  • A great icebreaker!
  • Each team will build their own contraption
  • You must work together to build links that will then set off one another
  • You will need to be creative and solve problems throughout the activity
  • Each team will prove whether their teamwork has paid off as in the final test if it all works, your chain reaction will set off a confetti canon!
  • Medals will be given to 1st and 2nd place

The Manchester Chain Reaction team building activity is a great icebreaker for teams and will help to bring team spirit into the workplace. It is an activity which depends on each individual bringing their skills to the table in order to work through their mission and complete the chain reaction.

How does it work?

The Chain Reaction team building event in Manchester is a fun way of bringing teams together in order to design and create a section of the final chain reaction. At the beginning of the day you will be split into teams and given a briefing about how the day will run by your host. Each team will build a colour coded contraption which will need to interlink into the other team’s sections in order to build the ultimate chain reaction.

Teams will need to work as separate groups but need to communicate with other teams to make sure that the whole story will come together. There will be clues and challenges thrown in along the way that teams will need to complete in order to successfully build the chain reaction.

Teams will have time to practice before putting all the stories together and if all goes well then there will be a dramatic finale


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    Overall Experience
Rating 5.0
22nd March 2018
The team had a great day and it pretty much ticked all the boxes for what we were trying to achieve. The games were interesting, varied and played to a wide variety of skills. Our hosts for the day were awesome - really enthusiastic, provided help where necessary and kept the energy levels high.