Blindfold 4x4 Driving Team Event in Nottingham

Blindfold 4x4 Driving Team Building Nottingham
  • Blindfold 4x4 Driving Team Building Nottingham
  • Blindfold 4x4 Driving Teambuilding
  • Team Building Blindfold 4x4 Driving
  • Teambuilding Blindfold 4x4 Driving

Activity Details

  • Steer Blindfolded
  • Real team event
  • Drive a 3 ½ tonne 4x4
  • Challenging and great fun

What’s Included

  • Receive a safety briefing
  • Includes many obstacles
  • A strange event, as your driving blindfolded
  • You’ll be driving a 4x4 off road vehicle
  • You and your team mates will need to work together to overcome this 4x4 challenge.
  • Everyone has the chance to drive and direct
  • When not driving, guests will be giving instructions to the driver
  • All equipment is provided
  • Event supervisor is on hand to offer assistance
  • At least 50% of the group must be able to drive

The Nottingham blindfolded 4x4 driving team building activity is an ideal ice breaker when it comes to team building events, with the element of working together towards a common goal, and of course having lots of fun and laughs with this bizarre team building idea! The whole team can have a go at driving and directing through the track, so get everyone involved.

The whole event lasts about 1 hour, which is plenty of time to master the blindfolded driving and for everyone to get stuck in. Don’t worry if you’re hesitate about giving directions, there will be a professional instructor to guide you through and assist whenever needed. So just let your hair down and have a great time with this wacky Nottingham blindfolded 4x4 driving team building activity!


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