Team Building in Stoke

Team Building in Stoke

Stop The Clocks

  • Race against the clock
  • Multiple skill challenges
  • Lowest time wins
  • Mental & physical tasks

Challenge 100

  • Compete in many challenges
  • Mental agility, common sense
  • Scavenger hunt tasks
  • Racing against the clock

Smartphone Pub Treasure Hunt

  • Fully organised pub quiz hunt
  • Self run – start any time
  • Test general pub knowledge
  • Hilarious team challenges

Crystal Challenge

  • Physical & mental tasks
  • Large, full day event
  • Compete in zones
  • Crystal dome finale

Crime Scene Inves­tiga­tion

  • Realistic crime inves­tiga­tion
  • Scotland Yard detectives
  • Solve the murder mystery
  • Use real forensic procedures

Spy School Smartphone Challenge

  • Spy themed challenges
  • Self run – start any time
  • Great value, latest technology
  • GPS and image recognition

Chain Reaction

  • Encourages team cooperation
  • Design & build simple tasks
  • Link chain sections together
  • Produces a domino reaction

Retro Showdown

  • Variety of retro gameshows
  • TV classics from the 80s & 90s
  • Bulleye, Catchphase
  • Million Dollar Drop finale

Pub Olympics

  • Indoor pub style games
  • Air hockey, casino, darts
  • Everyone involved
  • Dry hire or event managed

Masterpiece Challenge

  • Commu­nica­tion is key
  • Paint & create a collage
  • Fully inclusive activity
  • Fantastic indoor activity

Battle of Olympus

  • Olympic inspired event
  • Variety of fun filled activities
  • Head to head challenges
  • Teams represents a country

Soap Box Derby

  • Design soap box cars
  • Construct & build
  • Test & develop
  • Head to head races

Wacky Wheels

  • Earn sponsorship money
  • Learn to design the car
  • Build your wacky racer
  • Mini head to head races

Ready Steady Bake

  • GBBO inspired activity
  • 3 baking challenges
  • Expert chefs on hand
  • Baking station per team

Escape The Box

  • Escape room style activity
  • Crack codes & puzzles
  • 12 challenging stages
  • Use logical thinking

Around the World

  • Cultural themed challenges
  • Fully managed treasure hunt
  • Creative video challenges
  • Latest app technology

Commercial Teambreak

  • Create an TV advert
  • Good for team bonding
  • Camera’s & props included
  • Prizes and awards to be won

Generation Game

  • 20 energising activities
  • Game show format
  • Comical game host
  • Retro theme

Roller Coaster

  • Construct & build activity
  • Roller coaster contraption
  • Link sections together
  • Creates large roller coaster

Chocolate Making

  • Choice of Chocolate workshop
  • Expert chocolatiers
  • Temper, pipe, mix
  • Take your treats home

Bridge Build

  • Design & engineer a bridge
  • Teams build each section
  • Creates one long bridge
  • Remote controlled car finale


  • Ipad stop motion animation
  • The studio comes to you
  • Creative indoor team event
  • Keep the video clips

Smartphone Christmas Treasure Hunt

  • Pub quiz & bar crawl in one
  • Self-run, so start anytime
  • Great value, app technology
  • Perfect for Christmas parties

12 Games of Christmas

  • Test your skills
  • Variety of fun festive games
  • Fun festive atmosphere
  • Scrooge event host

Superhero Challenge

  • Superhero’s are winners!
  • Variety of challenges
  • Physical, mental and skill challenges
  • Superhero assault course finale

Hostage Kidnap

  • Rescue your kidnapped CEO
  • Scotland Yard Detectives
  • Surveillance & negotiating
  • Meet up with informants

Den of Dragons

  • Develop a new product
  • Design & build the product
  • Business themed activity
  • Pitch to the Dragons

Get in The Zone

  • Over 100 fun challenges
  • Physical, Mental, Creative
  • Professional host
  • Includes energisers

Interactive Conference Challenge

  • 4 conference features in 1
  • Interactive with delegates
  • Voting features, q&a sessions
  • Instant feedback

Dance Classes

  • Variety of dance themes
  • Fun chore­og­raphed routine
  • Can build confidence
  • Free venue finding service

Hunt the Apprentice

  • Latest tablets & technology
  • Leadership & creativity skills
  • Create, market and pitch
  • Interaction across all teams

Bubble Football

  • Inflatable bubbles
  • Footballs, bibs and goals
  • Pitch hire included
  • Event Co-ordinator / Referee

Old School Sports Day

  • Classic school sports games
  • Small or large groups
  • Sack race, egg & spoon
  • House team colours

It's a Knockout Team Challenge

  • Wacky multi team game
  • Based on the hit TV show
  • Large groups only
  • Wet, wild & funny

Ultimate Game Show

  • Game show experience
  • Entertaining rounds
  • Professional host
  • Interactive games

Movie Madness

  • Create your own movie
  • Fun and engaging event
  • Encourages people to think outside the box
  • All equipment included

Mission Possible

  • Become secret agents
  • Crack codes, diffuse bombs
  • Variety of challenges
  • Action packed team day

Escape Rooms

  • Interactive escape rooms
  • Challenges, puzzles, clues
  • Themed rooms
  • Will you escape in time?

Krypton Factor

  • Competitive fun activity
  • Variety of challenges
  • Brings everyone together
  • Prize for the winning team


  • Dodge, duck & dive
  • Suitable for all ages
  • Variety of games
  • Sports venue hire included

Lip Sync Battle

  • Battle in different team
  • Chore­og­raphed routine
  • Challenges people
  • Perfect for all ages & abilities

Battle Archery Tag

  • Dodgeball but with arrows
  • Battle against each other
  • Bunkers and barriers
  • Latest Archery Craze!

Retail Challenge

  • High street business game
  • Insight into the marketplace
  • Range of retail industry tasks
  • Tablets & GPS technology

Perfume Making

  • Create your own fragrance
  • Profes­si­onally run
  • Choose from 21 blends
  • Interactive & educational

Electric Shock Football

  • Latest crazy football game
  • Electric shock each other
  • Hilarious fun
  • Venue hire included

Foot Darts

  • Huge dart board
  • Variety of mini games
  • Indoor or outdoor
  • Great energiser activity

Mobile Cocktail Making

  • Learn to mix & shake cocktails
  • Professional bartenders
  • Drinks, glassware, ice, etc
  • Run in offices, hotels, venues

Goggle Football

  • Funny activity for everyone
  • Crazy binocular goggles
  • Includes venue hire
  • Compete in teams

Street Olympics Challenge

  • Quirky sport challenges
  • Video challenges & photos
  • Use your smartphone
  • Compete in teams

Scrum Challenge

  • Rugby World Cup Challenge
  • Cultural tasks from parti­cipating countries
  • Many different games
  • Tablets included

Zorb Bubble Games

  • Classic games like bulldog, relay races
  • Event co-ordinator
  • Zorb Bubbles
  • Fun forfeits to play


  • Giant Monopoly board
  • Indoors or outdoors
  • Includes all equipment and props
  • Costumed compare to host

Classic English Garden Games

  • Fun outdoor games
  • Fully managed event
  • Comical compere
  • Includes energisers

Cocktail Bar Hire for Christmas Parties

  • Pop up cocktail bars
  • Professional bartenders
  • Variety of drink packages
  • Flair bartenders

Venue Explorer

  • Interactive way to showcase a venue
  • Great for a break-out or evening activity
  • Challenges setup for your venue
  • Photo & video tasks

Turbo Cricket

  • Short Ten10 cricket match
  • Bats, balls, stumps
  • Event co-ordinator
  • Scorecard

TV Tastic Quiz

  • Ultimate quiz event
  • Classics & modern quiz shows
  • Buzzers, interactive rounds
  • Prize for the winner

The Escape Challenge

  • Can you escape?
  • Cryptic tasks, riddles, puzzles
  • Great indoor activity
  • Promotes logic and creativity

The Ultimate Treasure Hunt

  • Mixture of the best hunts
  • Huge variety of challenges
  • GPS tablets & app technology
  • Gets everyone involved

Stoke Team Building Ideas

Don’t miss out on the innovative oppor­tuni­ties available with team building in Stoke. Ideal for businesses looking to increase staff retention, icebreakers for team bonding and beyond. Effortlessly boost employee morale with the help of fun, creative and outdoor team building activities in Stoke. Looking for a way to bring your team together? You’ve found exactly that with our range of energisers and motivators that the whole team can enjoy.

Team Building Activities in Stoke

Either way, Stoke-on-Trent is a great place for you to host your next team building activities day. Team building activity days are a brilliant way to allow your employees / colleagues to get to know each other better and help you to improve commu­nica­tion and co-operation within your team.

If your company is based in the Midlands, Stoke is a solid choice as to where you should host your next event.  Although smaller than your average UK city, Stoke packs a punch when it comes to team activities that will really make a difference.

Situated right in the middle of England and appro­ximately an hour away from Liverpool, Birmingham, Derby and Manchester, its central location and excellent road and rail links makes it a no-brainer for any company based not only in Stafford­shire but a whole host of major cities that surround the town too.

Top 10 Team Building Activities in Stoke

1. Treasure Hunts

If you’re looking for a fun, creative and unique way of getting around the city, try one of our many smartphone treasure hunts using the latest smartphone technology.

2. Chain Reaction

Build the ultimate chain reaction run in teams by completing sections that connect together in an inventive and creative way.

3. Retro Showdown

Compete in teams in this fun little throwback activity as you challenge each other to various gameshow challenges like Bullseye and Catchphrase.

4. Escape the Box

Smash through 12 different challenges with your team to find hidden messages and crack codes before the time runs out.

5. Soap Box Derby

Similar to the hit TV show, each team will bring out their creative side to design and build their own vehicle ready for a competitive race.

6. Battle of Olympus

Compete in this ultimate test of strength and physical skill in minigames from archery to long jump!

7. Wacky Wheels

Use the resources and tools provided to build the ultimate racing cart, then compete in a series of races to become the champions!

8. Hunt the Apprentice

Based on the popular BBC series, teams are tasked with designing and pitching their unique product idea.

9. Pub Olympics

Challenge each other in a host of brilliantly classic games like air hockey and giant Connect 4!

10. Stop the Clocks

Take on a host of challenges (each worth different points) against the clock. Once in a while, a bell will ring instructing you to drop everything and start the scavenger hunt!

Food & Drink Activities in Stoke

Are Food & Drink Activities Good for Mixed Groups?

If you and your team are looking for something a little bit more laid back, and you’re just looking to have an exciting day out without the extremities, then it is definitely worth considering some food and drink team building activities for you and your company to take part in.

These types of team building activities have boosted in popularity massively in recent years, as they require very minimal effort and planning to get going.

Best of all, these activities are very inclusive when it comes to personal ability. This means that anybody is welcome to take part and no prior knowledge is needed.

Indoor Team Building Events in Stoke

How Effective Are Indoor Team Building Activities?

Preparing and planning your company’s team building activity day can be tricky, especially if you’re unsure about the weather! The good news is that there are plenty of indoor team building activities that you and your team can take part in that are equally as enjoyable as those you can do outdoors.

Like mentioned before, hosting indoor team building activities are great because you can have them at any time of the year, regardless of the weather. There is an abundance of activities you can hire out for you and your team that are mobile... so if you have the space, don’t worry about having to travel anywhere when the activity can come directly to you!

Outdoor Team Building Events in Stoke

What are the Advantages of Outdoor Activities?

A great way to get your team motivated and get some fresh air outside the normal work environment would be by hiring some outdoor team building activities.

Whether you’re looking to do something more chilled out like a treasure hunt around the city or something more intense like a Krypton Factor team building activity to get the adrenaline flowing, you won’t be stuck for choice when it comes to booking activities for your next event.

What Will Team Bonding Activities Achieve?

Not only do team bonding activities help create better connections between colleagues that’re unfamiliar with each other or that they help to improve co-operation and commu­nica­tion, they also give bosses a chance to see what their employees have to offer in terms of personal skills and gives them an opportunity to showcase their talents.


Commu­nica­tion in team building activities is a must, but also an essential key soft skill to have in the business. All our experiences are built to encourage commu­nica­tion between co-workers in a fun environment.

Wellness & Well-Being

Looking after your teams wellness and well-being is important for all the other soft skills and development points, so open dialogue and get to know your team to create a safe and open space.

Positive Team Dynamics

Get your team moving as one by developing positive team dynamics within your whole team, and extin­gu­ishing any issues there may be to improve people’s happiness and work output in the work place.


We know a team would fall flat without produc­tivity, so make sure you’re consistently developing this skill across your team with positive actions and activities.

Work Ethic

Effective and engaging team building means stronger work ethic, which then breeds productivity and in turn will create loyalty for the company within the work place.

Including many other soft skills that can be developed - Colla­bora­tion, Problem Solving, Loyalty, Leadership, Innovation, etc.