Hostage Kidnap Team Activity in Stoke

Hostage Kidnap Team Building
  • Hostage Kidnap Team Building
  • Hostage Kidnap Team Building Activity
  • Hostage Kidnap Team Building Event
  • Hostage Kidnap Team Building Experience

Activity Details

  • Rescue your kidnapped CEO
  • Scotland Yard Detectives
  • Surveillance & negotiating
  • Meet up with informants

Take your colleagues out of their comfort zones and into the crazy world of serious crime from the perspective of a Scotland Yard detective with the immersive and terrifyingly exciting Hostage Kidnap team building activity in Stoke. Race against the clock after learning about the kidnapping of your CEO from a special brief given by ex-detectives. You will need to meet up with informants, bribe, negotiate and conduct surveillance before learning special skills like forensic analysis of evidence in a workshop. Not only will all participants have a great time solving this case throughout the experience, but everybody will get the chance to develop and improve upon their own soft skills from problem-solving to leadership & communication, vital to every workforce!

What’s Included

  • Challenge your team to rescue their kidnapped CEO within 3 hours
  • Learn surveillance and negotiation skills from Scotland Yard Detectives
  • Meet up with a police informer and extract information from them
  • Pay a cash ransom and track down the money
  • Examine items and decipher clues
  • This activity is suitable for 20 to 150+ participants
  • Promotes beneficial skills such as communication and leadership
  • Will travel to your venue
  • The winning team will receive prizes at the end of the activity


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