The Best 10 Physical Team Building Activities

The Best Physical Team Building Activities

Physical team building activities are great for boosting morale and giving your staff a fun experience to enjoy.

A happy office will result in staff that will work together more efficiently and overall be productive and successful with various work tasks and projects. But to keep your office happy you will need to motivate and reward them with away days that include some fun and hands-on activities. Below we have listed some of the best for you to choose from to treat your office. These physical team challenges will motivate, inspire and lead to positive results in the workplace.

1. Corporate Sports Day

Corporate Sports Day

If you are looking for a physical team building activity that will take you back to your school days then the corporate sports day will be perfect. It will inject some friendly competition into your day as you split up into smaller groups and go head to head in a number of different classic sports day games. These games could be things like the egg and spoon race, tug of war, 3 legged race and more!

2. Zorb Bubble Games

Zorb Bubble Games

Bounce, crash, and roll around with the zorb bubble games. This experience will provide you with absolute mayhem but will definitely be a fun addition to your time out of the office. There will be 10 zorb suits that you can use throughout the event and swap in and out of so that everyone has a go. Whilst you’re in the zorbs you will get involved in games like bulldog, football, and relay races.

3. Haka Challenge

Haka Challenge

If you want something physical but cultural then the Haka challenge will be perfect. This physical team building challenge can be used as an ice breaker or event energiser and you will have genuine Maori warriors taking you through the experience. Watch them perform the Haka and then learn about the history and purpose before learning the moves and words. At the end put everything together and perform the Haka as a whole.

4. Turbo Cricket

Turbo Cricket

Turbo Cricket can provide you with something sporty, energetic, and memorable. With this you will be adding a twist to the classic game of cricket which will make it a lot more fast paced and a lot more intense! You will be engaging in some friendly competition whilst developing your commu­nica­tion skills and colla­bora­tion skills in a fun experience. Everything you need is included in this experience including an events co-ordinator.

5. Go Karting

Go Karting

See how good your driving skills are with a go karting experience. Each player will have their own kart, helmet, and overalls to wear for the session. Before you start you will have a safety briefing and then you can get ready to start your engines. There will be practise laps that everyone can complete before the real deal and then off you go! It’s a great bit of friendly competition that all your staff will enjoy.

6. High Ropes Course

High Ropes Course

Aim high and see if you’ve got what it takes to complete this adrenaline pumping high ropes course away day. It’s a great way to get your staff out of the office and away from their comfort zones. You will be given all the correct safety equipment you need and then you can swing through the trees and complete various challenges along the way until you hit the end.

7. Footgolf

Foot Golf

A classic sporting event that plenty of people have probably already took part in is a fantastic Footgolf event. Perfect for football lovers, golf lovers and everyone in between! The aim of the game is simple, it is a game of golf but with footballs. Which means instead of a club you use your foot and instead of a golf ball you use a football. So even golf experts don’t have an advantage here which makes it perfect for staff bonding.

8. Dance Classes

Dance Classes

No matter what skills or abilities you already have the team building dance classes make a great addition to any away day experience. You can choose from a number of different dance themes and you will have an instructor with you who will give you a fun warm up before you start your dance routine. Your session will be in a private room in a centrally located venue in your chosen location.

9. Smartphone Urban Treasure Hunt

Smartphone Urban Treasure Hunt

The smartphone urban treasure hunt is an outdoor event that is fully interactive and perfect if you are looking to inject some friendly competition into your day. You will start off by splitting up into smaller groups and downloading the app on your smartphone device. Once you’ve got it set up you can head outside and unlock hotspots around the city that will give you challenges, trivia and tasks to complete to earn points.

10. Krypton Factor

Krypton Factor

The krypton factor will test your colleagues’ mental abilities and skills through a variety of challenges. Your experience will start by receiving a briefing on how the day will run, then you will split up and compete in a variety of mental, physical and skill based challenges. Earn points throughout these challenges that will be added up at the end and a winner will be announced.

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