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Coronavirus Awareness Hen & Stag Parties

Last updated - "10/04/2020"

Could the Coronavirus Effect Your Hen or Stag Do?

Funktion Events are a leading events company organising thousands of hen and stag parties each year. The company has expertise in the field and is an ABTA member; who advise how to protect groups in worst case scenerios.

Please Note - The Funktion team are receiving a high volume of calls and working with skeleton staff due to the current pandemic. We thank you for your patience.

It’s normal to panic about the spread of this virus possibly affecting one of the most important milestones in your life. However, there are a few things to consider before you panic:

  • Companies such as ourselves lend you the ability to move bookings from this year to later in 2020 or 2021.
  • If you have sorted personal travel insurance, those companies can help you navigate the travel bans in the UK to other destinations
  • Associations such as trusted ABTA have an abundance of resources to use if you're worried about upcoming holidays abroad.

Please Note - If your flights are disrupted, please contact your airline providers for more information.

What is the Coronavirus?

Officially, the COVID-19 is a new illness that affects your lungs and airways that’s caused by the coronavirus directly.

For more information that’s constantly updated, refer to:

NHS Official Website - https://­www.­nhs.­uk/­conditions/­coronavirus-covid-19/

UK Government Website - https://­www.­gov.­uk/­guidance/­travel-abroad-from-england-during-coronavirus-covid-19

Can I Still Go to Europe for a Hen or Stag Weekend?

As all travel is suspended for the time being we highly suggest that you keep up to date by checking the websites below.

ABTA – This body supports the travel industry in supporting high service standards and offering advice to tour operators and the general public.  It is keeping track of the ever-changing situation. You can find advice for travellers and specific Q&A’s about the Coronavirus.

Travelaware – Definitely stay informed through the government Travelaware website. This content comes directly from the Foreign & Commonwealth Office and advises about countries.

Why Stag Groups Could be Affected More than Hen Groups

Across the whole industry the trends show that about 55-60% of stag groups travel into Europe to celebrate their friends last night of freedom. Whereas only 25-30% of hen parties venture abroad.  So, if travel restrictions are implemented then stags groups could be hit the hardest.

The UK is gearing up for an increase in the number of cases and potentially moving its strategy from containing to slowing the outbreak. If this becomes the case then groups may still be able to travel around the UK, but would they want to?

What Can I Do to Protect Myself?

Make sure you and everyone in your group keep up to date with all the travel advice and Government information.

We ALWAYS advise this, but make sure everyone in your group has travel Insurance. This is vital to any form of travelling with in the UK or overseas, but you definitely want to be covered if you need to cancel your weekend due to self-isolation or travel restrictions come into effect.

Get Insured:

Don’t forget that there’s always hundreds of celebratory options in the UK if you’re worried about going out of the country during this time. 

Funktion Events Managing Director, Jay Broughton says:

“We know March is one of the most popular months for booking parties, and this year we’re expecting a lot more national bookings as a result.

It doesn’t have to be less fun in the UK, there are some great things you can do for party groups in this country.”

Based on our stats for 2019 annual hen & stag trends these were the most popular places in the UK for the last blowout before becoming married.

Top 10 UK Hen Party Locations

1. Liverpool

2. Manchester

3. London

4. Leeds

5. Bristol

6. Chester

7. Birmingham

8. Brighton

9. Edinburgh

10. Newcastle

Top 10 UK Stag Do Destinations

1. Bournemouth

2. Edinburgh

3. Newcastle

4. Nottingham

5. Liverpool

6. Bristol

7. Brighton

8. Bath

9. York

10. Cardiff

Could Your Wedding Also be Affected?

Given weddings are, on average, £20,000 for the big day it's important to consider your wedding and the impact of this virus. As well as taking the recommended precautions like washing your hands for more than 20 seconds & coughing into your elbow think about some more proactive steps you can take.

Have You Got Wedding Insurance?

Seeing as the average amount of time between the party and the wedding is 4-6 weeks for the past 4+ years. This means that with the current COVID-19 speculations you may choose to push back or even cancel your wedding.

Whether you’re tying the knot in the UK or abroad, make sure you look into wedding insurance. By getting your big day insured, you’re protected against the unexpected and will be much more likely to cover the re-arranged wedding costs.

Wedding Insurance Comparisons:

What Next?

To summarise, this virus provides an unknown future and uncertainty in regards to travelling. However, with a bit of careful thought and consideration you can still make the celebrations a once in a lifetime affair. Before altering any plans, think about whether the group as a whole is prepared to travel first.

Although the near future is not concrete, we forecast a big bulk of people moving their celebrations to the UK. The best you can do is keep yourself in the loop with news of the Coronavirus and travel restrictions and get yourself / the group protected for worst case scenarios.

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