Hen Party Checklist

Hen Party Checklist

Are you in charge of the pre-nuptial party?

Take some of the stress off your shoulders with our free hen party checklist, packed full of advice, tips and ideas of things you need to remember when you are doing your hen party planning. We've organised 1000’s of parties in the past, so we know a thing or two about them! Whether you are planning your own weekend or the respon­sibility has been bestowed upon you, print this checklist off and tick each thing off, it's sure to help.  Simply follow the 22 steps to create a party to remember!

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Just follow this Hen Do Checklist

1. The first thing to do is meet up with the bride and get a list of all the names and contact details of the friends and family she wants to invite on the last night of freedom.

2. Decide on the best date! Try and find a time that all your invitees can comfortably do, and the how long you want to celebrate. A celebratory weekend of 1 or 2 nights is usually a great start!

TOP TIP: Leave a healthy gap between the party and wedding. The last thing you want is for the celebrations to effect the big day. Anthing prior to a week before is perfect.

3. One of the most exciting decisions - the location! This is super important, and will change the course of your planning. Home or away? Abroad or the UK? 

4. Decide on the type of activities your bride to be would like the most. If you've been friends for life, this shouldn't be difficult. If you're a little worried, ask her opinion and/or get the other bridesmaids involved for maximum impact.

5. The research! Allocate time to find the right hen party activities and experiences for the last night of freedom. There's tons of options from creative, cheeky, boozy, unique and adrenaline-fuelled fun.

6. Going away for the weekend? Don't forget the accommodation. Try to get the hotel booked as far in advance as possible for the best availability and prices.

7. Keep the girls in the loop. When you've collected all the info for the activities, experiences and accommodation, let everyone invited know the price per person and other important details of the hen do ideas.

8. Once you've got your final number of guests, get everything booked in! You can often book activities and hotels with a deposit, and then let the group pay you before the final bill is due. Event planners like us often have a my events area to include an itinerary and individual payment options too!

TOP TIP: Most hotels/­accommodation facilities, events planners and activity suppliers will request full payment 5-6 weeks before the weekend.

9. Often overlooked - the transport. If you've got all the plans locked in, don't forget to book hummers, limos and minibuses ready for your arrival.

10. When the hard parts of the checklist are finalised, make sure to personalise the celebrations/ From fancy dress to party accessories, dares and emergency hangover kits to make the weekend one to remember. Take a look at some of these classy hen party games to inspire you!

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We help groups of gals all over the UK plan incredible hen weekends celebrations with these 22 tips, tricks and ideas. By following these you will be able to successfully complete everything to do with hen party planning!

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