10 Hen Do Ideas for Mixed Ages

10 Hen Party Ideas for Mixed Ages

Sometimes you just need a helping hand with coming up with some hen party ideas perfect for your group.

It can be harder looking for hen party ideas for mixed ages, trying to find ideas can become quite a difficult task. Luckily we are here as an event planner to help you with all these decisions. Whether you are inviting your mum, soon to be mother-in-law, nan or aunties. It’s important to have a good idea on the different activities that all the girls can get involved with no matter what the age. Which is why we have made things extremely easy for you and put together the ultimate list of hen party ideas for mixed groups, you’re welcome.

Hen Party Ideas for Mixed Ages - Cocktail Making Class

1. Cocktail Making Class

Our cocktail making hen party class is a classic when it comes to activities for a number of reasons, the main being that it is incredible for all different ages. Whether you want to make your own cocktails or mocktails this experience will be perfect!

With a welcome drink included and some delicious food platters you and your group will be able to enjoy a fun activity that involves a lot of laughing and creativity. You will also have a professionally trained mixologist who will help you throughout the event.

Hen Party Ideas for Mixed Ages - Mobile Afternoon Tea

2. Afternoon Tease

If you’re planning to stay indoors for your celebrations but want to spice things up a little bit (or a lot!), then an afternoon tease hen party is the perfect activity for you and the girls. Just like your regular afternoon tea, you'll be hosted at a private and central city centre venue where your cakes, scones, tea and sandwiches will be served up by your very own nude butler!

Hen Party Ideas for Mixed Ages - Spa Pamper Day

3. Spa Pamper Day

Every single person you ask will definitely agree when we say that having an hour or two just relaxing and enjoying some ‘you’ time is extremely appreciated. Which is why a spa pamper day hen party will provide your mixed age group with the perfect experience.

Each activity is held in city centre spas and you can choose to have either a Swedish back, neck and shoulder massage or the feel-good facial. As well as using the facilities like the pool, steam room and Jacuzzi.

Have a browse through all of our amazing ladies get together ideas.

Hen Party Ideas for Mixed Ages - Pizza Making

4. Jewellery Making

Jewellery making is a brilliant activity that allows everyone to get involved. You'll be learning the tricks of the trade by an expert craft instructor. You will get to make as many jewellery pieces as you like, creating necklaces, earrings and so much more.

This activity will come to your chosen venue whether thats at home or in an airbnb. It's the perfect activity for your hens to bond and have a great time doing something fun.

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Hen Party Ideas for Mixed Ages - Beyonce Single Ladies Dance

5. Beyoncé Single Ladies Dance

When it comes to your hen do ideas for all ages there is one thing that all of you have in common, celebrating the soon to be wed being a single lady no longer! Which is why the Beyoncé single ladies dance hen party is the perfect experience.

This is the great for any kind of group as the whole routine can be altered to whoever is taking part meaning that everybody can get involved in learning an epic dance routine.

Hen Party Ideas for Mixed Ages - Smartphone Hen Party Treasure Hunt

6. Smartphone Hen City Treasure Hunt

This activity is specifically designed for, well, hen parties! Our smartphone city hen party treasure hunt experience will be guaranteed to get everybody laughing and enjoying themselves. It has been created to test all of your girly knowledge.

It does this by your group unlocking different clues, puzzles and challenges as you make your way on the ultimate treasure hunt around your chosen city. And you can enjoy completing it all on your own phone!

Good for both large and smaller groups. Browse our hen party ideas for small groups if you need more inspiration.

Cakes & Cocktails

7. Cakes & Cocktails

Just like a regular afternoon tea but with a boozy twist, the Cakes & Cocktails hen party includes a host of tasty treats you can indulge in whilst sipping on a couple of cocktails each at a lively & popular city centre bar!

Hen Party Ideas for Mixed Ages - Mobile Flower Crown Making

8. Mobile Flower Crown Making

Surprise your group with our mobile flower crown making hen party, an experience that instantly brings out the creative flare within! And the fact that this is a mobile activity you will be able to get crafty in your own venue whether it be your home, someone else’s, a cottage or even an apartment!

On the day you will have an expect craft instructor who will show you some different techniques on how to create your very own flower crown. There will also be a variety of faux flowers, wire, ribbons, foliage in all different colours so you can create your own unique design.

Hen Party Ideas for Mixed Ages - Tipsy Tea Party

9. Tipsy Tea Party

Afternoon tea will always go down a treat. A tipsy tea party hen party is the perfect thing to include. It’s classy, classic and an activity that is great for kick starting the celebrations!

With sandwiches, scones, bite sized desserts and of course the most important addition, prosecco. Whether you’re heading to another city or staying in your home town our tipsy tea parties are held in lively city centre bars that will provide you with the best atmosphere. See more unusual hen party ideas here.

Hen Party Ideas for Mixed Ages - South American Meal - Las Iguanas

10. Use of Leisure Facilities

We all love a spa day... so taking advantage of this use of leisure facilities experience is a great way to kick back, relax and unwind before the big day. Whether it's taking a dip in the pool or enjoying a sauna session, you and the girls will be sure to love this activity!

Should you invite older group members to the hen do?

Tricky one to answer, as it comes down to a few factors.

If you have a wide range of ages between family members it might reduce the options of hen party activities you can take part in. For example, would the grandma want to go and try the active bubble mayhen, probably not.

Also, you might have a few personally clashes from younger friends and older aunties. Everyone sees life differently, but you surround yourself with people you know and like. If you bring 15 ladies of different ages together, who don't know each other, then be prepared to for potentially a few conflicts.

The Challenges of Diverse Age Groups on a Hen Do

1. Underage members not able to participate - Planning the perfect hen do can be a little tricky when you have girls of all ages. To make sure everyone has an amazing time, it's important to consider who may not be able join in on adult activities such as cocktail classes and nightlife adventures – after all, some nightclubs will only allow entry for those 21 years or older!

Think about what enjoyable daytime events can keep underage members entertained while your group enjoys evening delights. Be honest with every member from the start so that no one feels left out - promise fun times await each and every guest regardless of age range!

2. Activities that suit the older ladies in the group - Planning the best hen weekend for every age group, including your treasured older ladies? We all know aunts and grannies hold just as much fun potential! Choose activities that everyone can enjoy during the day - like craft classes or an interactive cooking demonstration.

And then when it's time to let loose, you could even organize separate events – so people of different ages get to have their own unique experiences in honour of bride-to-be!

3. Bring the group together - If your hen do attendees span generations, help everyone have a good time by playing some icebreaker hen games. They might seem cheesy but they can be surprisingly effective in getting people to loosen up and open up!

A little laughter will go a long way for breaking down barriers so the whole group enjoys their day together.

So what to do?

You know your group better than others, so speak to them and get a feeling for it.  Remember you don't want any hassle or issues on the weekend, it's all about the bride to be having a fabulous time.

Maybe have two hen parties, one for just friends of similar ages to the bride and another for everyone, so family feel part of it and get to know everyone before the wedding day. 

We have got a great guide on hen party ideas for the older bride might help with some inspiration?

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