Girls Get Together Ideas

Ladies Get Together Ideas

Hosting a ladies night event or just a get-together with some old friends? Make it an unforgettable experience and take a look at some of these unique and exciting activities below

Have you been looking for something unique to spice up your next ladies night? Try out-of-the box experiences like a life drawing or hiring a naked chef! These alternative fun activities will be sure to delight the girls and create memories that’ll last long after the evening is over. Treat yourself and all of your friends with an extraordinary lady's get together today!

What are the Best Ladies Get Together Ideas?

1. Mobile Life Drawing

Ever fancied being an artist? Channel your inner Da Vinci and try your hand at a mobile life drawing session from the comfort of your own home. You and the girls will first meet your tutor who will guide you through the activity, offering drawing tips, tricks and techniques throughout the session. You’ll then get to meet your nude model who’ll get his kit off and strike various poses as you draw! A cheeky yet sophisticated activity, you and the girls will get to play games and get creative, with all the equipment you’ll need being provided on the day. It's the perfect addition for your girls night in ideas for adults.

2. Jewellery Making

For those of you who enjoy arts and crafts, why not organise a mobile jewellery workshop that comes straight to your doorstep? With a crafty expert to lead the session, they will bring everything you’ll need for the class on the day, so the only thing that you and the girls will need to do is unleash your creativity! Whether you fancy making rings, bracelets, necklaces or something completely unique, this class provides you with a unique opportunity to get hands-on and test your creative abilities!

3. Mobile Cocktail Making

We all love a good cocktail, right? Whether you’re a cocktail expert or a complete novice, give yourself and the girls the unique opportunity to craft your own delicious concoctions with a cocktail making class on your get together. With cocktail classes booming in popularity, your group will get to learn how to make your favourite tipple using the freshest ingredients, tonics and equipment all provided on the day. You’ll get to mix, shake and muddle up 3-4 cocktails each with help from your very own professional mixologist who will walk you through the process.

4. Mobile Yoga Class

Fancy treating yourselves to some well-needed rest and relaxation? If so, then you and the girls would absolutely love a mobile yoga class! It's a perfect way to spend time with your best friends doing a totally zen activity in the comfort of your own home. If you are the girls are planning a weekend away, then this is ideal for learning some yoga poses whilst having a giggle together. It's a brilliant way to uplift your spirits and feel good about yourselves on ladies' night.

5. Hire a Cocktail Bartender

You’re going to need refreshments for you and the girls on your ladies get together, right? This is where hiring a cocktail bartender would come in handy! Your very own mixologist will be on hand to craft and serve up a selection of cocktails of your choice during your evening. All you will need to do is provide the alcohol, mixers, ice and glasses and your private bartender will do the rest! Including all the equipment needed on the day, this 90 minute session is the perfect way to enjoy some of your favourite tipples without lifting a single finger and in the comfort of your own home.

6. Perfume Making

A completely out-of-the-ordinary activity that will set your occasion aside from all the others, embrace your senses as you and the girls attempt to make your own perfume. Kicking off the activity with a welcome glass of bubbly, you and the girls will learn how to create your very own unique perfume scent with guidance from a trained perfume consultant. With 18 blends to sample made using only the finest ingredients, you girls will get to choose your favourite scents that will go into your own unique perfume blend. Not only will you get a gift wrapped 5ml bottle for your new perfume, but each of you will also receive a unique E-Card for you to register your scent online, which will allow you to re-order your unique perfume online in the future!

7. Naked Butlers

When you meet up with the girls for your get together, nobody wants to be up-and-about getting their own drinks! So, instead of putting all the effort in, why not hire two hunky naked butlers to do all of the hard work for you? They will turn up at your home and greet the group before getting their kit off to wait on all of you hand-and-foot for two hours. Not only will they serve your drinks, but they’ll also play some fantastic party games with the group to lift everyone’s spirits and make it an evening to remember for all the right reasons!

8. Personal Chef Service

Instead of stressing over what food to make and serve at your next ladies’ get-together, you and the girls should think about booking our fantastic personal chef service! Just as the name suggests, they will turn up at your home with all the ingredients they could possibly need to make a mouth-watering meal for you and the rest of the girls. With a variety of different cuisines to choose from, this makes for a great way to bring about the party vibes on your next ladies’ night.

9. Flower Crown Making

Have you ever fancied making your own DIY flower crown? You and the girls can jump straight into this creative and exciting activity that’s booming in popularity! Hosted by an expert craft instructor, you will be walked through how to make your own flower crown using high quality faux flowers, ribbons and wire using decorative techniques that your instructor will teach you along the way. With the option to choose an Autumn/Winter theme if you would prefer it, you and the girls will each receive a presentation box at the end of the activity for your creation, creating lasting memories of your occasion!

10. Mobile Pamper Party

Feel like queens as you and the girls sit back and relax with a mobile pamper party. The perfect way to let off some steam and de-stress, you and the girls will get to choose one of four different treatments, including a back & shoulder massage, a feel-good facial, a manicure or pedicure. Each treatment will last approximately 30 minutes and will leave you all feeling fully revitalised afterwards. This is definitely the perfect way to indulge yourselves on your ladies get together!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Girls Get Together?

Get together with your girls friends for an evening of bonding and connection. A girls night is the ideal occasion to show appreciation for each other, catch up on life's happenings, and take a much-needed break from everyday stresses - all while making lasting memories!

How do you make a girls night fun?

Gathering the ladies together is the perfect opportunity to have some fun and make unforgettable memories. Take advantage of their enthusiasm for great food with a cooking class or fondue party, then go on an epic culinary journey exploring all types of delicious cuisines on a local food tour! Just spend some time together.


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