Bubble Football Team Building

Bubble Football Team Building
  • Bubble Football Team Building
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Activity Details

  • Inflatable bubbles
  • Footballs, bibs and goals
  • Pitch hire included
  • Event Co-ordinator / Referee

What Happens during Bubble Football Team Building?

A super unique experience, bubble football team building guarantees a lot of laughter,­ loads of banter and a great event especially for bonding your colleagues. The bubble football 5-a-side game has been flipped on its head and been transformed into a day of chaotic bubble enter­ta­inment. Step into your bubble suits and enjoy some out of office fun with your colleagues as you bump, bounce, and roll around the pitch. You and your work friends will be laughing for days and have plenty to talk about when you get back into the office.

What’s Included

  • 5 a side games
  • 4-5 x 10 minute games
  • Briefing / rules explained
  • Inflatable body Zorb Bubbles
  • Referee
  • Pitch hire (we use outdoor and indoor pitches)
  • Team Bibs
  • Footballs

What is Bubble Football?

Bubble football team building is a unique game of 5 a side football which will encase your workforce in giant inflatable bubble suits and have them competing against one another in a race to score goals. The hour long session will include a lot of bashing, crashing, and bumping amongst your co-workers as they play a game of 5 a side and various mini games!

How is Bubble Football Good for Workforce Commu­nica­tion?

As your co-workers are encased within the bubble suits, it will be quite hard for them to see where they are going, let alone seeing the football on the ground. They will need to use their commu­nica­tion skills to guide each other around the pitch and to victory. The competitive nature of the activity will strengthen colleague relati­on­ships in a new and unique way.

Is Bubble Football Socially Distanced?

Yes! This activity is based outdoors so you don’t have to worry about the safety of your colleagues in regard to close contact.

Is There Zorb Football Near Me?

More than likely! We offer our zorb football team building all across the UK at various outdoor 3G football pitches. We’re talking more than 2,000 available pitches in the UK! These venues tend to either be within the city centre or a short drive away from the centre and mostly come with bar and changing facilities.

What Do You Wear to Bubble Football?

You will be doing a lot of running about, so sportswear and comfortable footwear such as trainers will be ideal to wear for this activity. Football boots and unsafe footwear are not allowed! Our venues are based outdoors, so just keep the weather in mind – wrap up warm if it’s cold out or get your shorts on if the sun is shining.

Is Bubble Soccer Dangerous?

As this is a physical based activity, we can’t say it’s 100% safe and of course the way your co-workers act is down to their own discretion. The zorb suits are constantly maintained and checked for any wear and tear, and they also come with adjustable straps to suit each individuals size to ensure their safety. The hosts on site will do everything they can to keep everyone safe on the day.

What Equipment is Included in the Zorb Football?

All the equipment you need will be provided on the day of your event. This includes 10 zorb bubble suits, footballs, coloured bibs, and cones. If your workforce is larger than 10 people, the bubble suits will be rotated around the group so everyone can get in on the action.


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    Overall Experience
Rating 5.0
Fionnuala Stanton
25th February 2020
The event ran smoothly, the young people really enjoyed themselves.
Rating 5.0
Daniel Cortes
13th November 2019
We did all enjoy it, it was great!
Rating 5.0
Denise Speakman
18th October 2018
The event was organised as a team building exercise, for the global Finance Team. I had the Corporate Controller over from the US, and colleagues from Germany who joined the team at Trafford Park. The feedback from them was fantastic, and they thoroughly enjoyed themselves. They said it was organised very well and would love to do it again, the next time they come over to the UK. So thank you for making their team building exercise, very successful.
Rating 5.0
Akhil Mathur
9th August 2018
The event went great. We got a bit unlucky because of the weather on the day - it turned out to be the first rainy day in months :). Anyway, everyone enjoyed the two activities. Thanks for your help in organizing the event.