Yates - Boozy Brunch Stag Do in Nottingham

Yates Boozy Brunch
  • Yates Boozy Brunch
  • Yates Boozy Brunch Event
  • Yates Boozy Brunch Experience
  • £27.50

Activity Details

  • Enjoy a late morning breakfast
  • Free flowing beer, cider
  • Reserved tables
  • Perfect for groups

What’s Included

  • Held in Yates in the city centre
  • Enjoy a brunch big breakfast plus toast
  • Free-flowing Carlsberg or Strongbow
  • Pitchers of beer and cider will be replenished once finished throughout
  • Glasses topped up throughout
  • Available at start times of 10am, 10:30am, 11am and 11:30am
  • Tasty food and super value
  • Drink allocation is based on an average of 6 drinks per person during the 90 minutes
  • We recommend to arrive 5-10 minutes before your reservation time. If you are late, this will eat into your 90 minutes

Nottingham’s claim to fame is the home of Robin Hood but there’s much, much more to this fantastic city. A cracking stag do location that’s chock full of fun things to do as well as tons of pubs, bars and clubs for you to visit. Now with the addition of the Nottingham Boozy brunch stag do Nottingham is a better place than ever to celebrate your few days as an eligible bachelor before you finally settle down with the woman of your dreams.

Tuck into a hearty and delicious breakfast with two slices of warm, crunchy toast and a free flowing supply of quality beer and cider (Carlsberg and Strongbow). You and the lads will get to enjoy your food in the Yates restaurant, a fantastic grub hub serving quality food and drink on a daily basis and with an exciting and lively atmosphere that’s the perfect vibe for a stag do. Everyone will get a generous helping of six drinks each with regular refills in between them, meaning more time drinking and less time waiting!

When it comes to ways to start your morning, the Nottingham Boozy brunch stag do is easily one of the best! It’s also a cracking way to fight through a horrid hangover after a heavy night out. Ain’t nothin’ like a hearty meal and the hair of the dog for a hangover one-two punch.

With start times of 10, 10:30, 11 and 11:30 the Nottingham Boozy brunch stag do leaves a little bit of time for a lie in before you head out to eat. We recommend you turn up 5 or 10 minutes early if you have the time since you won’t want to waste a single second of this fantastic stag do experience. If you’re looking for a great way to just chill out and enjoy a morning meal with the lads, then the Nottingham Boozy brunch stag do is one of if the not the way to do it.


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