Virtual Around the World

Virtual Around the World - REMOTE SERIES

Activity Details

  • Globe-trotting from home!
  • Timed event
  • Collect clues & complete tasks
  • Briefing & wrap-up session

What Is Virtual Around the World Team Building Experience?

The virtual around the world event gives you an opportunity to venture to different companies from the comfort of your home with a team to support you. The experience includes a briefing before you breakout into groups of 4-6 participants and complete tasks. Find clues and answer questions to earn Travel Credit as you trot 40,000 miles across the virtual globe. This virtual team building is timed and run through an award-winning app and Zoom (or similar software).

What’s Included

  • Journey 40,000 miles around the globe from your own home
  • Latest image recognition technology
  • Download easy-to-use app per person
  • Earn travel credits and complete tasks to move to each destination
  • Timed event
  • Breakout teams of 4-6 people
  • Briefing & wrap-up from event co-ordinator
  • Can include custom content – ask for details
  • Run through Zoom or software alike


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