The Budapest Stag City Guide

The Budapest Stag Do Guide

Why Celebrate in Budapest?

Budapest is definitely the place to go if you and the lads are after exploring some of the most unique nightspots in Hungary.

Budapest is a paradise for stags and the list of Budapest stag do ideas is never ending. This city definitely stands way above the rest when it comes to stag destinations and there is honestly no questioning why. In fact, Hungary’s capital is probably one of the greatest cities in central Europe and it definitely has a lot to offer to keep you lads busy.

It has gained its popularity purely from its amazing sites, top class nights and the fact that a pint averages to about £1! So whether you are after exploring all of the abandoned buildings or partying with the locals you will be creating amazing memories during your Budapest stag do.

Top Sight-Seeing Spots:

  • Buda Castle
  • Fisherman's Bastion
  • Matthias Church

  • Szechenyi Thermal Bath

  • Margaret Island 

Guide to Budapest Nightlife

The Budapest Stag Do Guide - Nightlife

Now the Budapest nightlife is where you want to head to during your stag do in Budapest. It is phenomenal and probably one of the cheapest and best in the whole of Europe! As well as attracting some of the top DJ’s from all around the world! Of course the best time to head over here is during the summer, that’s when all the rooftop bars and spa parties completely take over the city. No matter when you go though you will have one hell of a time.

Of course Budapest nightlife is known mostly for its ruin bars and its unique clubs but even if you are after a pub crawl to kick start the celebrations then a pub crawl is exactly what you will get. And in this city, nothing is done half-heartedly so prepare for a night like no other.

If you are after the best when it comes to being unique then Instant Bar is where it’s at. Known for being one of Budapest’s most unique “ruin bars”, it has been transformed from an old abandoned building into a retro bar offering a totally unique atmosphere. You will find during your stay that there are quite a few ruin bars dotted around. Almost all clubs and bars stay open to the early hours of the morning and they all have a young vibe for you to enjoy and have a laugh in with the lads.

Top Bars/Clubs:

Budapest's Food and Drink

The Budapest Stag Do Guide - Food

The cuisine in Hungary is definitely delicious, it offers rich and spicy flavours that are paired with a variety of tastes suitable for all appetites. Their local dishes still to this day continue to be a big part in their culture and it is something that they are very proud of. Within the city there is a Great Market Hall where hundreds of stalls cook traditional foods which is a great place to head to if you are after experiencing the Hungarian foods.

Goulash is a national dish of Hungary and it is a meat stew with vegetables and noodles, a great dish to have to soak up all the booze you will definitely be drinking. Especially since it is almost £1 a pint!

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Explore the City

When you're not enjoying one of the many Budapest stag activities, explore the city! Of course the name “Budapest” rolls off the tongue right? But we bet most of you didn’t know that Budapest is actually split up into two parts, Buda and Pest. Buda is on the western bank of the Danube river and Pest on the opposite bank! They are of course but together to create one city but as you start to explore the city during and in between your Budapest stag do ideas you will find that they both have very different personalities and vibes altogether.

ABTA bonded (Don't book with anyone without it)

Buda is the more historic side of the city, the place where you will find all of the ruins. It is also the well-connected side in the sense of public transport which is perfect for getting about and seeing all the sights. Pest on the other hand, is where we guarantee most of your days will be spent. The place with the nightlife and what a vibrant one it is, as well as the endless amounts of food and drink as well as just being the centre of all the action!

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